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Effects of cottonseed meal on slaughter performance, meat quality, and meat chemical composition in Jiangnan White goslings

Yu, J.; Yang, H.M.; Wan, X.L.; Chen, Y.J.; Yang, Z.; Liu, W.F.; Liang, Y.Q.; Wang, Z.Y.

Poultry Science 2019


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-5791
PMID: 31376354
DOI: 10.3382/ps/pez451
Accession: 069210782

Cottonseed meal (CSM), which is an unconventional protein material with abundant sources, high protein content, and a relatively cheap price, can be used in poultry diets. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of CSM on slaughter performance, meat quality and meat chemical composition in Jiangnan White goslings. A total of 300 healthy 28-day-old male goslings were randomly divided into 5 treatments, with 6 pens containing 10 geese each. Five isonitrogenous and isocaloric experimental diets were formulated such that 0% (a corn-soybean meal basal diet, control), 25% (CSM25), 50% (CSM50), 75% (CSM75), and 100% (CSM100) protein from soybean meal was replaced with CSM (corresponding to 0, 6.73, 13.46, 20.18, and 26.91% CSM in the feed, respectively). On day 70, 1 goose from each pen (6 geese per treatment) was randomly selected and killed to measure the slaughter performance, meat quality, and the meat amino acid (AA) and fatty acid (FA) compositions. The results showed that dietary CSM did not affect the slaughter performance or meat quality of geese (P > 0.05). The fat content of breast muscle in the CSM100 group was higher than that in the control group (P < 0.05). A concentration of 13.46% or more dietary CSM increased the threonine content but decreased the cysteine content, and 20.18% dietary CSM also decreased the valine content (P < 0.05). Dietary CSM concentration had no effect on the content of total saturated FAs (SFAs, P > 0.05), but 20.18 and 26.91% dietary CSM increased the content of total monounsaturated FAs and decreased the content of total polyunsaturated FAs (PUFAs) and PUFA/SFA in the breast muscle of geese (P < 0.05). In conclusion, dietary CSM did not affect the slaughter performance or meat quality of geese, but the replacement of soybean meal with CSM in whole or high proportion altered the composition of AAs and FAs in breast muscle.

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