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Root Resorption Diagnostic: Role of Digital Panoramic Radiography

Marinescu, I.R.; Bănică, A.C.; Mercuţ, V.; Gheorghe, A.G.; Drăghici, E.C.; Cojocaru, M.O.; Scrieciu, M.; Popescu, S.M.

Current Health Sciences Journal 45(2): 156-166


ISSN/ISBN: 2067-0656
PMID: 31624642
Accession: 069429274

Root resorption is a pathological process characterized by loss of dental root substance, caused by bacterial infections, traumatic injuries or chemical irritation. Root resorption might be accidentally observed on digital panoramic radiography. The objective of the study was to identify characteristic radiological aspects for the different types of root resorption that could be observed on digital panoramic radiography, to make an easier diagnostic of root resorption. The retrospective study used the X-ray base from the Oral Rehabilitation and Dental Prosthetics Clinic of UMF Craiova to identify the most representative images for different types of root resorption. Digital panoramic radiographies were analysed by two investigators, of which the most suggestive images were selected and described. Digital panoramic radiographies and dental charts of 240 patients were analyzed. 113 cases of root resorption were identified. External inflammatory root resorption (EIRR) was present in 27.07% of studied cases, external cervical root resorption (ECRR) was identified in 10.83% of all studied cases, external replacement root resorption (ERRR) was diagnosed in 7.08% of studied cases and internal root resorption (IRR) was the most rare type of root resorption, with only 2.08% from all studied cases. 16 cases were selected to describe the radiologic features of different types of root resorption, featuring the most interesting images of root resorption evident on digital panoramic radiographies. Comparative analyses have been made between our results and the results of other specific studies, with both similar and different values. The radiological features which lead to the diagnostic of each type of RR were highlighted, assessing the causes that caused the lesions, as well as the treatment recommendations. Digital panoramic radiography is a useful tool to identify root resorption, since it has become the most common radiological investigation for diagnostic in dentistry. Description of radiological aspects of different types of root resorption on panoramic digital radiography allows faster diagnosis. Still, the CBCT may be recommended in some cases to confirm the diagnosis.

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