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Spatial phase and polarization retrieval of arbitrary circular symmetry singular light beams using orthogonal polarization separation

Xie, Z.; He, Y.; Chen, X.; Liu, J.; Zhou, X.; Ye, H.; Li, Y.; Chen, S.; Zhang, X.; Fan, D.

Optics Express 27(19): 27282-27294


ISSN/ISBN: 1094-4087
PMID: 31674593
Accession: 069471860

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Circular symmetry singular light beams (CS-SLBs) possessing spatially variant field distributions have drawn extensive attention because of their unique optical properties. However, the extraction of spatial phase and polarization distributions is always a significant but difficult issue in CS-SLB applications. Here, we propose and experimentally investigate an orthogonal polarization separation (OPS) method to retrieve the spatial phase and polarization distributions of arbitrary CS-SLBs. Theoretically, the CS-SLB, including the vortex beam (VB), cylindrical vector beam (CVB), and cylindrical vector vortex beam (CVVB), can be decomposed into two orthogonal circularly polarized sub-VBs. Therefore, once the spatial phase distributions and initial phase difference of the two components are obtained, the phase and polarization distributions of the CS-SLB can be retrieved, and its type can also be identified. Based on this analysis relationship, we first separated the CS-SLB into two circularly polarized sub-VBs and designed an astigmatic phase iterative algorithm to restore their spatial phase information. After retrieving the phases of the two components, we have experimentally obtained the spatial phase and polarization distributions of three typical CS-SLBs, including VBs, CVBs, and CVVBs. These results demonstrate that this method provides a feasible way to retrieve the variant field distributions of CS-SLBs and may have great application prospects in optical imaging, optical communication, etc.

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