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Short communication: Performance, intestinal permeability, and metabolic profile of calves fed a milk replacer supplemented with glutamic acid

Ahangarani, M.A.; Bach, A.; Bassols, A.; Vidal, M.; Valent, D.; Ruiz-Herrera, S.; Terré, M.

Journal of Dairy Science 103(1): 433-438


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-0302
PMID: 31733874
DOI: 10.3168/jds.2019-17077
Accession: 069523907

The objective of this study was to evaluate the potential benefits of supplementing glutamic acid in milk replacers (MR) with respect to calf performance, intestinal permeability, and metabolism. Sixty Holstein male calves (3 ± 1.3 d old and 45 ± 5.9 kg body weight) were individually housed and fed a control MR without AA supplementation (24.8% crude protein and 19.1% fat, dry matter basis), or MR supplemented with 0.3% glutamic acid (25.1% crude protein and 20.3% fat, dry matter basis). Animals followed the same MR feeding program and were weaned at 56 d of the study. The amount of starter concentrate offered was restricted to limit the effect of concentrate intake on calf metabolism. Individual daily consumption and weekly body weight were measured, and 4 h after the morning feeding, blood samples were obtained at 14 and 35 d to determine general biochemical parameters and plasma AA concentrations. On d 10 of the study, we conducted an intestinal permeability test by including 21 g of lactulose and 4.2 g of d-mannitol as markers in the MR. We found no differences in calf performance or in intestinal permeability (measured as lactulose:mannitol ratio). Serum glucose concentration was greater in unsupplemented calves than in Glu-supplemented calves. At 14 d, the proportion of plasma Leu was greater in Glu-supplemented calves; the proportion of Ile tended to be greater in Glu-supplemented calves; and the proportion of Met tended to be greater in unsupplemented calves. We observed no other differences. Small changes occurred in AA metabolism when supplementing calf MR with 0.3% glutamic acid, without leading to improvements in calf performance or changes in intestinal permeability.

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