Comparison of nalbuphine, ondansetron and placebo for the prevention of shivering after spinal anaesthesia for urgent caesarean delivery: a randomised double-blind controlled clinical trial

Liu, J.; Huang, S.; Sun, S.; Sun, X.; Wang, T.

International Journal of Obstetric Anesthesia 42: 39-46


ISSN/ISBN: 0959-289X
PMID: 31734098
DOI: 10.1016/j.ijoa.2019.10.002
Accession: 069524116

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Shivering is a common complication of caesarean delivery with neuraxial anaesthesia. The effective prevention and treatment of shivering, especially before delivery, is important and difficult. We tested the hypothesis that prophylactic nalbuphine and ondansetron can prevent post-spinal anaesthesia shivering in parturients undergoing urgent caesarean delivery. Sixty parturients scheduled for urgent caesarean delivery before spinal anaesthesia were selected and divided randomly into three groups. After peripheral venous catheterisation, parturients were given intravenous nalbuphine 0.08 mg/kg (group N), ondansetron 8 mg (group O), or normal saline (group C). The incidence of shivering and of severe (grade ≥3) shivering was significantly lower in group N (15% and 15%, respectively) than in group C (80% and 65%) before delivery (P <0.001 and P=0.003); and significantly less shivering was observed in group N than in group C in the first 30 min after anaesthesia (P=0.001). Up to 60 min after anaesthesia, the incidence of grade ≥3 shivering remained lowest in group N (P=0.003). According to the data during the period from anaesthesia until delivery, the number needed-to-treat for nalbuphine was 1.54 (95%CI 1.13 to 2.41). No significant differences were found between groups O and N or groups O and C at any time. The incidence of dizziness in group N was significantly higher than that of groups O or C (P=0.009). Nalbuphine 0.08 mg/kg can prevent post-spinal anaesthesia shivering in parturients undergoing urgent caesarean delivery but causes transient dizziness, while ondansetron 8 mg had no significant effect.