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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 69567

Chapter 69567 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Comprehensive transcriptome analysis of faba bean in response to vernalization
, Planta 251(1): 22 (2019)

Dispersed copper nanoparticles promote the electron mobility of nitrogen-rich graphitized carbon aerogel for electrochemical determination of 4-nitrophenol
, Mikrochimica Acta 186(12): 853 (2019)

Reversible Basal Ganglia Changes and Metabolic Crisis in Infantile Tremor Syndrome
, Indian Journal of Pediatrics 2019: (2019)

A Toddler with Recurrent Episodes of Unexplained Irritability: Will you Consider Neuro Imaging?
, Indian Journal of Pediatrics 2019: (2019)

Physical activity, sedentary behavior and development of preeclampsia in women with preexisting diabetes
, Acta Diabetologica 2019: (2019)

The association of plasma levels of liver enzymes and risk of gestational diabetes mellitus: a systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of observational studies
, Acta Diabetologica 2019: (2019)

Is too much salt harmful? Yes
, Pediatric Nephrology 2019: (2019)

Molecular pathways involved in the cardioprotective effects of intravenous statin administration during ischemia
, Basic Research in Cardiology 115(1): 2 (2019)

Meeting technical challenges for protein characterization and surrogate equivalence studies that resulted from insecticidal protein co-expression in maize event MZIR098
, Transgenic Research 2019: (2019)

Biodistribution and post-therapy dosimetric analysis of [ 177 Lu]Lu-DOTA ZOL in patients with osteoblastic metastases: first results
, Ejnmmi Research 9(1): 102 (2019)

One-step microchip for DNA fluorescent labeling
, Biomedical Microdevices 22(1): 1 (2019)

Revisiting HERQL, the hernia-specific quality-of-life assessment instrument, to extend the clinical applicability for abdominal wall hernias
, Hernia 2019: (2019)

The impact of preoperative anxiety, depression, and chronic pain on outcomes in abdominal wall reconstruction
, Hernia 2019: (2019)

Efficacy of antimicrobial agents delivered to hernia meshes using an adaptable thermo-responsive hyaluronic acid-based coating
, Hernia 2019: (2019)

Characterization of NCC-RbC-51, an RB cell line isolated from a metastatic site
, Histochemistry and Cell Biology 2019: (2019)

How do data-mining models consider arsenic contamination in sediments and variables importance?
, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 191(12): 777 (2019)

Raman Spectroscopic Characterizations of Self-Catalyzed InP/InAs/InP One-Dimensional Nanostructures on InP(111)B Substrate using a Simple Substrate-Tilting Method
, Nanoscale Research Letters 14(1): 355 (2019)

Domesticated cynomolgus monkey embryonic stem cells allow the generation of neonatal interspecies chimeric pigs
, Protein and Cell 2019: (2019)

Cross-modal reaction of auditory and visual cortices after long-term bilateral hearing deprivation in the rat
, Brain Structure and Function 2019: (2019)

Management of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in the Pediatric Patient
, Current Cardiology Reports 21(12): 162 (2019)

MiR-34a-5p Inhibits Cell Proliferation, Migration and Invasion Through Targeting JAG1/Notch1 Pathway in HPV-Infected Human Epidermal Keratinocytes
, Pathology Oncology Research 2019: (2019)

Sherpas, Coca Leaves, and Planes: High Altitude and Airplane Headache Review with a Case of Post-LASIK Myopic Shift
, Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports 19(12): 104 (2019)

Urology Milestones 2.0: The Future Looks Bright
, Current Urology Reports 20(12): 85 (2019)

Should All Low-risk Patients Now Be Considered for TAVR? Operative Risk, Clinical, and Anatomic Considerations
, Current Cardiology Reports 21(12): 161 (2019)

Cancer genome landscape: a radiologist's guide to cancer genome medicine with imaging correlates
, Insights into Imaging 10(1): 111 (2019)

High-grade T1 Urothelial Carcinoma: Where Do We Stand?
, Current Urology Reports 20(12): 79 (2019)

Carotid Atherosclerosis in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
, Current Atherosclerosis Reports 21(12): 55 (2019)

Analysis of lncRNA expression profiles by sequencing reveals that lnc-AL928768.3 and lnc-AC091493.1 are novel biomarkers for disease risk and activity of rheumatoid arthritis
, Inflammopharmacology 2019: (2019)

Adsorption of Cadmium Ions from an Aqueous Solution on a Highly Stable Dopamine-Modified Magnetic Nano-Adsorbent
, Nanoscale Research Letters 14(1): 352 (2019)

18 F-FDG PET imaging for monitoring the early anti-tumor effect of albendazole on triple-negative breast cancer
, Breast Cancer 2019: (2019)

Portal phase alone is equivalent to multiphasic phase for CT diagnosis of acute non-traumatic pains in an emergency context
, Emergency Radiology 2019: (2019)

Recent progress in the research of suicide gene therapy for malignant glioma
, Neurosurgical Review 2019: (2019)

Nectar- and stigma exudate-specific expression of an acidic chitinase could partially protect certain apple cultivars against fire blight disease
, Planta 251(1): 20 (2019)

HBGA binding modes and selectivity in noroviruses upon mutation: a docking and molecular dynamics study
, Journal of Molecular Modeling 25(12): 369 (2019)

Mental Health In Elite Athletes: Increased Awareness Requires An Early Intervention Framework to Respond to Athlete Needs
, SportsMedicine-Open5(1):46 (2019)

Simulation of MDM2 N-terminal domain conformational lability in the presence of imidazoline based inhibitors of MDM2-p53 protein-protein interaction
, JournalofComputer-AidedMolecularDesign2019: (2019)

D3R Grand Challenge 4: ligand similarity and MM-GBSA-based pose prediction and affinity ranking for BACE-1 inhibitors
, JournalofComputer-AidedMolecularDesign2019: (2019)

Applicability of a thermodynamic cycle approach for a force field parametrization targeting non-aqueous solvation free energies
, JournalofComputer-AidedMolecularDesign2019: (2019)

Endoplasmic reticulum retention signaling and transmembrane channel proteins predicted for oilseed ω3 fatty acid desaturase 3 (FAD3) genes
, Functional and Integrative Genomics 2019: (2019)

Preoperative lymphocyte-to-monocyte ratio predicts postoperative infectious complications after laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery
, International Journal of Clinical Oncology 2019: (2019)

Predictive value of 18 F-FDG PET/CT for acute exacerbation of interstitial lung disease in patients with lung cancer and interstitial lung disease treated with chemotherapy
, International Journal of Clinical Oncology 2019: (2019)

Analysis of seven prognostic scores in patients with surgically treated epidural metastatic spine disease
, Acta Neurochirurgica 2019: (2019)

Increased plasma plasmin-α2-plasmin inhibitor complex levels correlate with postoperative rebleeding after endoscopic surgery for spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage
, Acta Neurochirurgica 2019: (2019)

Electrical cortical stimulation for treatment of intractable epilepsy originating from eloquent cortex: surgical accuracy and clinical efficacy
, Acta Neurochirurgica 2019: (2019)

Effect of Liposomal Delivery of Oxidized Dextran with Isonicotinic Acid Hydrazide on Component Profile of Pulmonary Extracellular Matrix in Mice with BCG-Induced Granulomatosis
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 168(2): 259-263 (2019)

Remodeling of the Extracellular Matrix of the Liver in Mice with BCG-Induced Granulomatosis after Administration of Liposome-Encapsulated Composition of Oxidized Dextran and Isonicotinic Acid Hydrazide
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 168(2): 254-258 (2019)

Marker Systems Based on MicroRNA Gene Methylation for the Diagnosis of Stage I-II Breast Cancer
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 168(2): 280-284 (2019)

Responses of Blood System to Doxorubicin/Docetaxel Chemotherapy in Patients with Breast Cancer
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 168(2): 275-279 (2019)

Detection of Mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis pncA Gene by Modified High-Resolution Melting Curve Analysis of PCR Products
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 168(2): 264-269 (2019)

EEG Alpha-Rhythm-Related Changes in BOLD fMRI Signal in Neurofeedback Training
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 168(2): 199-204 (2019)

Infradian and Ultradian Rhythms of Body Temperature Resumption during Hibernation
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 168(2): 291-294 (2019)

Ultrastructural Organization of Uveal Melanoma Stromal Cells
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 168(2): 285-290 (2019)

Adrenergic Innervation of the thyroid Gland, Blood and Lymph Vessels, and Lymph Nodes in Hypothyroidism
, Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 168(2): 295-299 (2019)

Filiform polyposis with sigmoid colon adenocarcinoma: a case report
, Surgical Case Reports 5(1): 184 (2019)

Essential Role of Chinese Medicines in Mesenchymal Stem Cells Transplantation for Treatment of Ischemic Stroke
, Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine 25(10): 723-727 (2019)

A Prospective Randomized Multicenter Controlled Trial on Salvianolate for Treatment of Unstable Angina Pectoris in A Chinese Elderly Population
, Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine 25(10): 728-735 (2019)

Roles and Implications of Paper Media in Early Stage of Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in China
, Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine 25(10): 791-794 (2019)

Metabolic requirements of Besnoitia besnoiti tachyzoite-triggered NETosis
, Parasitology Research 2019: (2019)

Are glial cells of the Digenea (Platyhelminthes) muscle cells?
, Parasitology Research 2019: (2019)

The Ixodes ricinus complex (Acari: Ixodidae) in the Southern Cone of America: Ixodes pararicinus, Ixodes aragaoi, and Ixodes sp. cf. I. affinis
, Parasitology Research 2019: (2019)

Symptomatic elevation creatine kinase following treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with baricitinib
, Clinical Rheumatology 2019: (2019)

Strong association of Torque teno virus/Torque teno-like minivirus to Kikuchi-Fujimoto lymphadenitis (histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis) on quantitative analysis
, Clinical Rheumatology 2019: (2019)

Consistency matters: measurement invariance of the EORTC QLQ-C30 questionnaire in patients with hematologic malignancies
, Quality of Life Research 2019: (2019)

Responsiveness and minimal clinically important difference of TNO-AZL Preschool Children Quality of Life in children with cerebral palsy
, Quality of Life Research 2019: (2019)

The cost-effectiveness analysis of drug therapy versus surgery for symptomatic adenoid hypertrophy by a Markov model
, Quality of Life Research 2019: (2019)

The association between heart failure hospitalization and self-reported domains of health
, Quality of Life Research 2019: (2019)

The efficacy of ultrasonic and PIPS (photon-induced acoustic streaming) irrigation to remove artificially placed dentine debris plugs out of an artificial and natural root model
, Lasers in Medical Science 2019: (2019)

Acute effects of photobiomodulation therapy and magnetic field on functional mobility in stroke survivors: a randomized, sham-controlled, triple-blind, crossover, clinical trial
, Lasers in Medical Science 2019: (2019)

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease as a risk factor for Clostridioides difficile infection
, European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 2019: (2019)

Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli in household members of children with hemolytic uremic syndrome
, European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 2019: (2019)

Emotional overeating questionnaire: a validation study in Italian adults with obesity, overweight or normal weight
, Eating and Weight Disorders 2019: (2019)

Eating behavior and reasons for exercise among competitive collegiate male athletes
, Eating and Weight Disorders 2019: (2019)

Network architecture strongly influences the fluid flow pattern through the lacunocanalicular network in human osteons
, Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology 2019: (2019)

Quality Measures and Quality Improvement Initiatives in Osteoporosis-an Update
, Current Osteoporosis Reports 2019: (2019)

All-Optical Tuning of Light in WSe 2 -Coated Microfiber
, Nanoscale Research Letters 14(1): 353 (2019)

The influence on quality of life of intermittent scheduling in first- and second-line chemotherapy of patients with HER2-negative advanced breast cancer
, Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 2019: (2019)

Novel Education and Simulation Tools in Urologic Training
, Current Urology Reports 20(12): 81 (2019)

Effects of Vocational Re-training on Employment Outcomes Among Persons with Disabilities in Germany: A Quasi-Experiment
, Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation 2019: (2019)

Comparison between synthetic and conventional magnetic resonance imaging in patients with multiple sclerosis and controls
, Magma 2019: (2019)

Hyperpolarised 13 C-MRI metabolic and functional imaging: an emerging renal MR diagnostic modality
, Magma 2019: (2019)

Differential Inhibition of Sox10 Functions by Notch-Hes Pathway
, Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology 2019: (2019)

Prior exercise protects against oxidative stress and motor deficit in a rat model of Parkinson's disease
, Metabolic Brain Disease 2019: (2019)

Stroke-like episodes in OPA1 carriers require comprehensive work-up and therapeutic considerations
, Metabolic Brain Disease 2019: (2019)

Vitamin C inhibits lipid deposition through GSK-3β/mTOR signaling in the liver of zebrafish
, Fish Physiology and Biochemistry 2019: (2019)

Understanding racial disparities in renal cell carcinoma incidence: estimates of population attributable risk in two US populations
, Cancer Causes and Control 2019: (2019)

Enhanced removal of ammonium from water by ball-milled biochar
, Environmental Geochemistry and Health 2019: (2019)

Awareness campaigns of atrial fibrillation as an opportunity for early detection by pharmacists: an international cross-sectional study
, Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis 2019: (2019)

Orexin Receptor Antagonists as Emerging Treatments for Psychiatric Disorders
, Neuroscience Bulletin 2019: (2019)

Willingness of women to participate in obstetrical and pediatric research involving biobanks
, Journal of Community Genetics 2019: (2019)

Neurological Manifestations of Achondroplasia
, Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports 19(12): 105 (2019)

Ageing and the Case of Democratic Medicine in Japan
, JournalofCross-CulturalGerontology2019: (2019)

The Diagnostic Utility of VibraTip for Distal Symmetrical Polyneuropathy in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
, Diabetes Therapy 2019: (2019)

Efficacy and Safety of Switching Patients Inadequately Controlled on Basal Insulin to Insulin Glargine 300 U/mL: The TRANSITION 2 Study
, Diabetes Therapy 2019: (2019)

Effect of sensorineural hearing loss on neurocognitive and adaptive functioning in survivors of pediatric embryonal brain tumor
, JournalofNeuro-Oncology2019: (2019)

Different lead locations guided by fluoroscopy and ECG parameters and their effect on patients functional status
, Egyptian Heart Journal 71(1): 29 (2019)

Circulating Wnt1-inducible signaling pathway protein-1 (WISP-1/CCN4) is a novel biomarker of adiposity in subjects with type 2 diabetes
, Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling 2019: (2019)

The societal monetary value of a QALY associated with EQ-5D-3L health gains
, European Journal of Health Economics 2019: (2019)

An unusual cause of intestinal obstruction: phlebosclerotic colitis
, Internal and Emergency Medicine 2019: (2019)

A Broad Application of CRISPR Cas9 in Infectious, Inflammatory and Neurodegenerative Diseases
, Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology 14(4): 534-536 (2019)

Changes in Mitochondria-Associated Protein Expression and Mitochondrial Function in Response to 2 Weeks of Enriched Environment Training After Cerebral Ischaemia-Reperfusion Injury
, Journal of Molecular Neuroscience 2019: (2019)

Association Between the Change of Serum Copper and Ischemic Stroke: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
, Journal of Molecular Neuroscience 2019: (2019)

Nrf2 in liver toxicology
, Archives of Pharmacal Research 2019: (2019)

Pulmonary carcinoid tumours: incidence, histology, and surgical outcome. A population-based study
, General Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 2019: (2019)

Aortic inflation with agar injection is a useful method of cadaveric preparation which creates a mediastinal anatomy that better mimics the living body for surgical training
, General Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 2019: (2019)

Occurrence, quantification, pulse types, and antimicrobial susceptibility of Salmonella sp. isolated from chicken meat in the state of Paraná, Brazil
, Brazilian Journal of Microbiology 2019: (2019)

Nanometals in Dentistry: Applications and Toxicological Implications-a Systematic Review
, Biological Trace Element Research 2019: (2019)

Rapid and Facile Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Palladium Nanoparticles and Evaluation of Their Antioxidant Properties and Cytotoxic Effects Against Fibroblast-Like (HSkMC) and Human Lung Carcinoma (A549) Cell Lines
, Biological Trace Element Research 2019: (2019)

Optimising the 'Mid-Stage' Training and Testing Process After ACL Reconstruction
, Sports Medicine 2019: (2019)

Does Acute Fatigue Negatively Affect Intrinsic Risk Factors of the Lower Extremity Injury Risk Profile? A Systematic and Critical Review
, Sports Medicine 2019: (2019)

The Effect of Fluctuating Temperature on the Stability of Turoctocog Alfa for Hemophilia A
, Drugs in R&d 19(4): 381-390 (2019)

Investigating Conceptual Models for the Relationship Between Depression and Condomless Sex Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who have Sex with Men: Using Structural Equation Modelling to Assess Mediation
, Aids and Behavior 2019: (2019)

Outbreak-Causing Fungi: Pneumocystis jirovecii
, Mycopathologia 2019: (2019)

Episodic positive diversifying selection on key immune system genes in major avian lineages
, Genetica 147(5-6): 337-350 (2019)

Banking of human ovarian tissue potentially contaminated by cancer cells: experimental model for study of cryo-stability of these cells
, Cell and Tissue Banking 2019: (2019)

A new approach to extend the storage of donor corneas after 28 days of corneal culture in an Italian eye bank
, Cell and Tissue Banking 2019: (2019)

Genome-wide identification and expression analysis of the StSWEET family genes in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)
, Genes and Genomics 2019: (2019)

Risk for Suicidal Behavior Among Psoriasis Patients: A Nationwide Cohort Study
, American Journal of Clinical Dermatology 2019: (2019)

Updates on Botulinum Neurotoxins in Dermatology
, American Journal of Clinical Dermatology 2019: (2019)

Amyloidosis in Heart Failure
, Current Heart Failure Reports 16(6): 285-303 (2019)

The Approach to the Psychosocial Evaluation of Cardiac Transplant and Mechanical Circulatory Support Candidates
, Current Heart Failure Reports 16(6): 201-211 (2019)

Zinc finger protein 5 (ZFP5) associates with ethylene signaling to regulate the phosphate and potassium deficiency-induced root hair development in Arabidopsis
, Plant Molecular Biology 2019: (2019)

Fighting against fall armyworm by using multiple genes pyramiding and silencing (MGPS) technology
, Science China. Life Sciences 2019: (2019)

Heterogeneous signals in plant-biotic interactions and their applications
, Science China. Life Sciences 2019: (2019)

Eukaryotic initiation factor 4E is a novel effector of mTORC1 signaling pathway in cross talk with Mnk1
, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 2019: (2019)

Inhibition of polo-like kinase 1 suppresses microtubule dynamics in MCF-7 cells
, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 2019: (2019)

Role of oxidative stress-related biomarkers in heart failure: galectin 3, α1-antitrypsin and LOX-1: new therapeutic perspective?
, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 2019: (2019)

Does it make difference to measure diaphragm function with M mode (MM) or B mode (BM)?
, Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing 2019: (2019)

Evaluation of Anticancer Activities of Novel Facile Synthesized Calix[n]arene Sulfonamide Analogs
, Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 2019: (2019)

Effects of Excess and Limited Phosphate on Biomass, Lipid and Fatty Acid Contents and the Expression of Four Fatty Acid Desaturase Genes in the Tropical Selenastraceaen Messastrum gracile SE-MC4
, Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 2019: (2019)

Phenolic Compound Biotransformation by Trametes versicolor ATCC 200801 and Molecular Docking Studies
, Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 2019: (2019)

Metabolic Engineering of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii for Enhanced β-Carotene and Lutein Production
, Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 2019: (2019)

Capturing and Clinical Applications of Circulating Tumor Cells with Wave Microfluidic Chip
, Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 2019: (2019)

Endurance running exercise is an effective alternative to estradiol replacement for restoring hyperglycemia through TBC1D1/GLUT4 pathway in skeletal muscle of ovariectomized rats
, Journal of Physiological Sciences 69(6): 1029-1040 (2019)

Protective effects of orally administered thymol against titanium dioxide nanoparticle-induced testicular damage
, Environmental Science and Pollution Research International 2019: (2019)

Dynamic causality among urban agglomeration, electricity consumption, construction industry, and economic performance: generalized method of moments approach
, Environmental Science and Pollution Research International 2019: (2019)

Accelerated photodeterioration of class I toxic monocrotophos in the presence of one-pot constructed Ag 3 PO 4 /polyaniline@g-C 3 N 4 nanocomposite: efficacy in light harvesting
, Environmental Science and Pollution Research International 2019: (2019)

Brain Metabolic Alterations in Rats Showing Depression-Like and Obesity Phenotypes
, Neurotoxicity Research 2019: (2019)

OSU-6162, a Sigma1R Ligand in Low Doses, Can Further Increase the Effects of Cocaine Self-Administration on Accumbal D2R Heteroreceptor Complexes
, Neurotoxicity Research 2019: (2019)

The Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor: Missing Link Between Sleep Deprivation, Insomnia, and Depression
, Neurochemical Research 2019: (2019)

The wmN1 Enhancer Region of the Mouse Myelin Proteolipid Protein Gene (mPlp1) is Indispensable for Expression of an mPlp1-lacZ Transgene in Both the CNS and PNS
, Neurochemical Research 2019: (2019)

The Role of Vesicle Trafficking and Release in Oligodendrocyte Biology
, Neurochemical Research 2019: (2019)

Ameliorative Effect of Hesperidin Against Motion Sickness by Modulating Histamine and Histamine H1 Receptor Expression
, Neurochemical Research 2019: (2019)

Impact of Arterial Hypertension on Doxorubicin-Based Chemotherapy-Induced Subclinical Cardiac Damage in Breast Cancer Patients
, Cardiovascular Toxicology 2019: (2019)

Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 2 and Dopamine Receptor 2 Gene Expression Predict Sensorimotor Gating Response in the Genetically Heterogeneous NIH-HS Rat Strain
, Molecular Neurobiology 2019: (2019)

Tumor promoting effects of glucagon receptor: a promising biomarker of papillary thyroid carcinoma via regulating EMT and P38/ERK pathways
, Human Cell 2019: (2019)

Prophylactic veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in patients undergoing high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention
, Netherlands Heart Journal 2019: (2019)

Safety and efficacy of balloon pulmonary angioplasty in chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension in the Netherlands
, Netherlands Heart Journal 2019: (2019)

Fatal adrenal crisis due to Addison's disease arising in the context of autoimmune polyglandular syndrome type 1
, Forensic Science Medicine and Pathology 2019: (2019)

Monitoring exercise intensity in diabetes: applicability of "heart rate-index" to estimate oxygen consumption during aerobic and resistance training
, Journal of Endocrinological Investigation 2019: (2019)

Small Interfering RNA Therapeutic Inclisiran: A New Approach to Targeting PCSK9
, Biodrugs 2019: (2019)

Autoimmune metaplastic atrophic gastritis and association with neuroendocrine tumors of the stomach
, Clinical Journal of Gastroenterology 2019: (2019)

Isolated cardiac metastases of hepatocellular carcinoma after resection: a case report
, Clinical Journal of Gastroenterology 2019: (2019)

Primary Thyroid Gland Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma
, Head and Neck Pathology 2019: (2019)

Diagnostic Challenge and Clinical Management of Juvenile Mandibular Chronic Osteomyelitis
, Head and Neck Pathology 2019: (2019)

Giant Cell Tumour of Temporal Bone and Infratemporal Fossa: A Rare Case
, Head and Neck Pathology 2019: (2019)

Calcifying Fibrous Tumor of the Neck
, Head and Neck Pathology 2019: (2019)

Clear Cell Odontogenic Carcinoma Harboring the EWSR1-ATF1 Fusion Gene: Report of a Rare Case
, Head and Neck Pathology 2019: (2019)

Patient Preferences in the Medical Product Lifecycle
, Patient 2019: (2019)

Whey protein polymorphisms in Sudanese goat breeds
, Tropical Animal Health and Production 2019: (2019)

Effect of diet quality and shearing on feed and water intake, in vitro ruminal methane production, and blood parameters of Omani sheep
, Tropical Animal Health and Production 2019: (2019)

Effects of dietary inclusion of Zymomonas mobilis degraded cassava sifting on growth performance, apparent nutrient digestibility, ileal digesta viscosity, and economy of feed conversion of broiler chickens
, Tropical Animal Health and Production 2019: (2019)

Identifying the long-term care beneficiaries: differences between risk factors of nursing homes and community-based services admissions
, Aging Clinical and Experimental Research 2019: (2019)

Pharmacokinetic Study of a Soft Gelatin Capsule and a Solid-Supersaturatable SMEDDS Tablet of Dutasteride in Beagle Dogs
, European Journal of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics 2019: (2019)

Red cell transfusion in chronic kidney disease in the United States in the current era of erythropoiesis stimulating agents
, Journal of Nephrology 2019: (2019)

Reducing Inappropriate Drug Use in Older Patients by Use of Clinical Decision Support in Community Pharmacy: A Mixed-Methods Evaluation
, Drugs and Aging 2019: (2019)

Frequency and Predictors of Polypharmacy in US Medicare Patients: A Cross-Sectional Analysis at the Patient and Physician Levels
, Drugs and Aging 2019: (2019)

Long-term remission of disseminated parathyroid cancer following immunotherapy
, Endocrine 2019: (2019)

Application of Dried Human Amnion Graft to Improve Post-Prostatectomy Incontinence and Potency: A Randomized Exploration Study Protocol
, Advances in Therapy 2019: (2019)

Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Perspectives of Oxidative Stress and Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Narrative Review
, Advances in Therapy 2019: (2019)

Partner bereavement and risk of psoriasis and atopic eczema: cohort studies in the United Kingdom and Denmark
, British Journal of Dermatology 2019: (2019)

TOAST classification and risk factors of ischemic stroke in Lebanon
, Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 2019: (2019)

The Doctor and the Dragonfly
, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 2019: (2019)

Precision Medicine 2030
, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2019: (2019)

Divergent breast cancer incidence trends by hormone receptor status in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia
, International Journal of Cancer 2019: (2019)

Impact of mixed cryoglobulinemia on patients with spontaneous HCV clearance : A 13-year prospective cohort study
, European Journal of Clinical Investigation 2019: E13189 (2019)

Rheumatic heart disease in pregnancy: Profile of women admitted to a Western Australian tertiary obstetric hospital
, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2019: (2019)

Causal inference in melanoma epidemiology using Mendelian randomization
, British Journal of Dermatology 2019: (2019)

Against a descriptive turn
, British Journal of Sociology 2019: (2019)

"Coral bead sign" in Multicentric Reticulohistiocytosis
, International Journal of Dermatology 2019: (2019)

Groundwater Depth Forecasting Using Configurational Entropy Spectral Analyses with the Optimal Input
, Ground Water 2019: (2019)

Maternal almondex, a neurogenic gene, is required for proper subcellular Notch distribution in early Drosophila embryogenesis
, Development Growth and Differentiation 2019: (2019)

New prognosis score including absolute lymphocyte/monocyte ratio, red blood cell distribution width and beta-2 microglobulin in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma treated with R-CHOP: Spanish Lymphoma Group Experience (GELTAMO)
, British Journal of Haematology 2019: (2019)

Pruritic bullous skin eruption in a male patient receiving immunotherapy for oropharyngeal cancer
, International Journal of Dermatology 2019: (2019)

Dissecting pharmacological effects of Chloroquine in cancer treatment: interference with inflammatory signaling pathways
, Immunology 2019: (2019)

Prexasertib (LY2606368) reduces clonogenic survival by inducing apoptosis in primary patient-derived osteosarcoma cells and synergizes with cisplatin and talazoparib
, International Journal of Cancer 2019: (2019)

Cetirizine induced acute generalised exanthematous pustulosis confirmed by patch testing
, Contact Dermatitis 2019: (2019)

Filaggrin gene mutations in relation to contact allergy and hand eczema in adolescence
, Contact Dermatitis 2019: (2019)

An unusual clinical presentation of allergic contact dermatitis to common ivy
, Contact Dermatitis 2019: (2019)

Taurine suppression of central amygdala GABAergic inhibitory signaling via glycine receptors is disrupted in alcohol dependence
, Alcoholism Clinical and Experimental Research 2019: (2019)

Irritant contact dermatitis due to Euphorbia trigona
, Contact Dermatitis 2019: (2019)

Tetrahydrobiopterin restores microvascular dysfunction in young adult binge drinkers
, Alcoholism Clinical and Experimental Research 2019: (2019)

Unusual subcutaneous dedifferentiated liposarcoma exhibiting coexistence of meningothelial-like whorls and inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor-like structures
, Journal of Cutaneous Pathology 2019: (2019)

Clinicopathological features and survival outcomes of rare histologic variants of gallbladder cancer
, Journal of Surgical Oncology 2019: (2019)

M1-polarized alveolar macrophages are crucial in a mouse model of transfusion-related acute lung injury
, Transfusion 2019: (2019)

Pregnancy, N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Antibodies, and Neuropsychiatric Diseases
, Annals of Neurology 2019: (2019)

Contribution of genes and environment to the longitudinal association between childhood impulsive-aggression and suicidality in adolescence
, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines 2019: (2019)

Advances in genetics toward identifying pathogenic cell states of rheumatoid arthritis
, Immunological Reviews 2019: (2019)

Imatinib, sunitinib and pazopanib: from flat-fixed dosing towards a pharmacokinetically guided personalized dose
, British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2019: (2019)

Effectiveness of a Modified Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics for Children and Adolescents with Tourette's Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled Trial
, Journal of Advanced Nursing 2019: (2019)

A Disorder of the Humanitarian Sector: The New v Old Humanitarianism Debate
, Disasters 2019: (2019)

A Rationale for Allopregnanolone Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders: Basic and Clinical Studies
, Alcoholism Clinical and Experimental Research 2019: (2019)

Pontine noradrenergic neurons facilitate pulmonary ventilation during hypercapnic stress: Fight or flight,ࣧand breathe!
, Experimental Physiology 2019: (2019)

Effects of L-PRF and A-PRF+ on periodontal fibroblasts in in vitro wound healing experiments
, Journal of Periodontal Research 2019: (2019)

Presentation, treatment and outcome of long-bone fractures in pet rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
, Journal of Small Animal Practice 2019: (2019)

We still need to know more about adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder who undergo surgery for severe obesity
, Acta Paediatrica 2019: (2019)

Feasibility of low-cost accelerometers in measuring functional recovery after major oncologic surgery
, Journal of Surgical Oncology 2019: (2019)

Reducing unintentional injuries in under fives: Development and testing of a mobile phone app
, Child: Care Health and Development 2019: (2019)

Lipotoxic Hepatocyte-Derived Exosomal miR-192-5p Activates Macrophages via Rictor/Akt/FoxO1 Signaling in NAFLD
, Hepatology 2019: (2019)

The differential diagnosis between sclerotic fibroma and sclerosing perineurioma: An unresolved challenge
, Journal of Cutaneous Pathology 2019: (2019)

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