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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 69650

Chapter 69650 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Human papillomavirus types in cervical dysplasia among young HPV-vaccinated women: Population-based nested case-control study
, International Journal of Cancer 146(9): 2539-2546 (2020)

The process of responding to stigma in people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders and families: A grounded theory study
, Perspectives in Psychiatric Care 56(3): 564-573 (2020)

Nursing students' experience of the mental health setting as a clinical learning environment: Findings from a national study
, Perspectives in Psychiatric Care 56(3): 554-563 (2020)

Episodic and Chronic Cluster Headache: Differences in Family History, Traumatic Head Injury, and Chronorisk
, Headache 60(3): 515-525 (2020)

Switches in histone modifications epigenetically control vitamin D3-dependent transcriptional upregulation of the CYP24A1 gene in osteoblastic cells
, Journal of Cellular Physiology 235(6): 5328-5339 (2020)

Transport of trans-activator of transcription (TAT) peptide in tumour tissue model: evaluation of factors affecting the transport of TAT evidenced by flow cytometry
, Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 72(4): 519-530 (2020)

Pharmacy-based management for depression in adults
, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 12: Cd013299 (2019)

The epigenetic reader Brd4 is required for osteoblast differentiation
, Journal of Cellular Physiology 235(6): 5293-5304 (2020)

Music therapy for depression
, Research in Nursing and Health 43(1): 134-136 (2020)

Lower 68 Ga-DOTATOC uptake in nonfunctioning pituitary neuroendocrine tumours compared to normal pituitary gland-A proof-of-concept study
, Clinical Endocrinology 92(3): 222-231 (2020)

Evidence for a significant role of B-cells in the pathogenesis of oral lichen planus: Preliminary results of a cross-sectional study
, Journal of Cutaneous Pathology 47(3): 310-313 (2020)

Novel three-dimensional imaging approach for cryoballoon navigation and confirmation of pulmonary vein occlusion
, PACE - Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology 43(3): 269-277 (2020)

Deepening of response after completing rituximab-containing therapy in patients with Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia
, American Journal of Hematology 2019 (2019)

Free-flap reconstruction for full-thickness oral defects involving the oral commissure combined with oral modiolus reconstruction using a fascial sling
, Microsurgery 40(5): 553-560 (2020)

Platelets from Calreticulin mutated essential thrombocythemia patients are less reactive than JAK2 V617F mutated platelets
, American Journal of Hematology 2019 (2019)

Long-term safety and efficacy of the PI3K inhibitor copanlisib in patients with relapsed or refractory indolent lymphoma: 2-year follow-up of the CHRONOS-1 study
, American Journal of Hematology 2019 (2019)

Autonomous thyroid nodule: Not just a disease of adulthood
, Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 56(7): 1140-1143 (2020)

Cryoballoon ablation for atrial tachycardia resulting from fibrillatory activity in superior vena cava and multilevel exit block
, Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology 31(2): 557-559 (2020)

Assessing the Performance of Morphologic and Echogenic Features in Median Nerve Ultrasound for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Diagnosis
, Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine 39(6): 1165-1174 (2020)

Characterizing impulsivity and resting-state functional connectivity in normal-weight binge eaters
, International Journal of Eating Disorders 53(3): 478-488 (2020)

How youth mentoring relationships end and why it matters: a mixed-methods, multi-informant study
, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 2019 (2019)

Speed of Sound and Attenuation Temperature Dependence of Bovine Brain: Ex Vivo Study
, Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine 39(6): 1175-1186 (2020)

Diagnostic Ultrasound Safety Review for Point-of-Care Ultrasound Practitioners
, Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine 39(6): 1069-1084 (2020)

Quantitative evaluation of lung injury caused by PM 2.5 using hyperpolarized gas magnetic resonance
, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 84(2): 569-578 (2020)

Small RNA coaR contributes to intestinal colonization in Vibrio cholerae via the two-component system EnvZ/OmpR
, Environmental Microbiology 22(10): 4231-4243 (2020)

Self-Assembly of an Amino Acid Derivative into an Antimicrobial Hydrogel Biomaterial
, Chemistry 26(8): 1880-1886 (2020)

Motion and eddy current-induced signal dephasing in in vivo cardiac DTI
, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 84(1): 277-288 (2020)

Real-world outcomes of ventricular tachycardia catheter ablation with versus without intracardiac echocardiography
, Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology 31(2): 417-422 (2020)

Influence of program staff on quality of relationships in a community-based youth mentoring program
, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 2019 (2019)

Assessment and correction of macroscopic field variations in 2D spoiled gradient-echo sequences
, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 84(2): 620-633 (2020)

Reconstruction of wide soft tissue defects with extended anterolateral thigh perforator flap turbocharged technique with anteromedial thigh perforator
, Microsurgery 40(4): 440-446 (2020)

The impact of mindfulness-based interventions on doctors' well-being and performance: A systematic review
, Medical Education 54(2): 138-149 (2020)

Incidence, prevalence and mortality of diabetes in children and adolescents aged under 20 years in the Republic of Maldives
, Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 56(5): 746-750 (2020)

Ring-Opened Hemiporphyrazines: Helical Molecules Exhibiting Circularly Polarized Luminescence
, Chemistry 26(8): 1768-1771 (2020)

Phosphorylation of Dab2 is involved in inhibited VEGF-VEGFR-2 signaling induced by downregulation of syndecan-1 in glomerular endothelial cell
, Cell Biology International 44(3): 894-904 (2020)

SERS-based biosensor for Alzheimer disease evaluation through the fast analysis of human serum
, Journal of Biophotonics 13(3): E201960033 (2020)

Band-Gap and Charge Transfer Engineering in Red Phosphorus-Based Composites for Enhanced Visible-Light-Driven H 2 Evolution
, Chemistry 26(10): 2285-2292 (2020)

DJ-1 inhibits autophagy activity of prostate cancer cells by repressing JNK-Bcl2-Beclin1 signaling
, Cell Biology International 44(4): 937-946 (2020)

"If there is no water, we cannot feed our children": The far-reaching consequences of water insecurity on infant feeding practices and infant health across 16 low- and middle-income countries
, American Journal of Human Biology: the Official Journal of the Human Biology Council 32(1): E23357 (2020)

Bimodal Heterogeneous Functionality in Redox-Active Conjugated Microporous Polymer toward Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction and Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
, Chemistry 26(17): 3810-3817 (2020)

A prospective evaluation of health-related quality of life after skull base re-irradiation
, Head and Neck 42(3): 485-497 (2020)

Effect of helmet therapy in the treatment of positional head deformity
, Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 56(5): 735-741 (2020)

Complex Carbocyclic Skeletons from Aryl Ketones through a Three-Photon Cascade Reaction
, Angewandte Chemie 59(14): 5656-5659 (2020)

Heparan sulfate maintains adult midgut homeostasis in Drosophila
, Cell Biology International 44(3): 905-917 (2020)

Connexin 43 deletion in astrocytes promotes CNS remyelination by modulating local inflammation
, GLIA 68(6): 1201-1212 (2020)

Antagonistic effect of natural habitat conversion on community adjustment to climate warming in nonbreeding waterbirds
, Literature Cited 34(4): 966-976 (2020)

Body-related cognitive distortions (thought-shape fusion body) associated with thin-ideal exposure in female students-An ecological momentary assessment study
, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy 27(2): 220-227 (2020)

Neonatal head injuries: A prospective Paediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaborative cohort study
, Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 56(5): 764-769 (2020)

Bioorthogonal Ligation and Cleavage by Reactions of Chloroquinoxalines with ortho-Dithiophenols
, Angewandte Chemie 59(9): 3671-3677 (2020)

Re-treatment for severe hepatitis flare in HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis B: An appraisal with combined HBsAg/ALT kinetics
, Journal of Viral Hepatitis 27(5): 544-547 (2020)

Biomimetic Synthesis of Rhytidenone A and Mode of Action of Cytotoxic Rhytidenone F
, Angewandte Chemie 59(10): 4115-4120 (2020)

Challenges in understanding lung microbiome: It is NOT like the gut microbiome
, Respirology 25(3): 244-245 (2020)

Leadership in specialist palliative home care teams: A qualitative study
, Journal of Nursing Management 28(1): 102-111 (2020)

A Supramolecular-Based Dual-Wavelength Phototherapeutic Agent with Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Activity Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria
, Angewandte Chemie 59(9): 3658-3664 (2020)

Micro-shear bond strength of adhesives with different degrees of acidity: Effect on sound and artificially hypermineralized dentin
, Microscopy Research and Technique 83(4): 393-401 (2020)

Aortic stenosis and the pulse contour: A true marker of severity?
, Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 95(6): 1235-1239 (2020)

Effect of γ-irradiation on thermal and thermoluminescence properties of polystyrene/europium (III) oxide composite film
, Luminescence 35(3): 412-417 (2020)

Reasoning in the valuation of health-related quality of life: A qualitative content analysis of deliberations in a pilot study
, Health Expectations: An International Journal of Public Participation in Health Care and Health Policy 23(2): 405-413 (2020)

Herpes Simplex virus type 2 myeloradiculitis with a pure motor presentation in a liver transplant recipient
, Transplant Infectious Disease 22(1): E13236 (2020)

The Association between Whole-Brain MR Spectroscopy and IDH Mutation Status in Gliomas
, Journal of neuroimaging: official journal of the American Society of Neuroimaging 30(1): 58-64 (2020)

Cerebral atrophy in 21 hypotonic infants with severe vitamin B12 deficiency
, Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 56(5): 751-756 (2020)

Drug-coated balloon after subintimal plaque modification in failed coronary chronic total occlusion percutaneous coronary intervention: A novel concept
, Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 96(3): 609-613 (2020)

Glycated Plasma Proteins as More Sensitive Markers for Glycemic Control in Type 1 Diabetes
, Proteomics. Clinical Applications 14(2): E1900104 (2020)

QKI regulates adipose tissue metabolism by acting as a brake on thermogenesis and promoting obesity
, Embo Reports 21(1): E47929 (2020)

An easy and quick technique using a wound retractor to restore pneumoperitoneum after specimen removal in laparoscopic surgery - a video vignette
, Colorectal Disease 22(5): 589-590 (2020)

The anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic effects of advanced anti-inflammation composition (AAIC) in heat shock-induced human HaCaT keratinocytes
, Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology 19(8): 2114-2124 (2020)

Development and psychometric evaluation of the Group Home Culture Scale
, Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities: Jarid 33(3): 515-528 (2020)

Living with epidermolysis bullosa: Daily challenges and health-care needs
, Health Expectations: An International Journal of Public Participation in Health Care and Health Policy 23(2): 368-376 (2020)

Genetic diversity of influenza A viruses circulating in pigs between winter and summer in a Minnesota live animal market
, Zoonoses and Public Health 67(3): 243-250 (2020)

In vivo monitoring of rashes caused by systemic lupus erythematosus disease using snapshot spectral imaging
, Journal of Biophotonics 13(3): E201960067 (2020)

How do veterinarians influence sales of antimicrobials? A spatial-temporal analysis of the French prescribing-delivery complex in cattle
, Zoonoses and Public Health 67(3): 231-242 (2020)

Three-dimensional ring-oven washing technique for a paper-based immunodevice
, Luminescence 35(4): 503-511 (2020)

The experience of donating and receiving a kidney: A systematic review of qualitative studies
, Journal of Renal Care 46(3): 169-184 (2020)

A modality-specific dysfunction of pain processing in schizophrenia
, Human Brain Mapping 41(7): 1738-1753 (2020)

Comparable stx 2a expression and phage production levels between Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli strains from human and bovine origin
, Zoonoses and Public Health 67(1): 44-53 (2020)

Impact of the residual SYNTAX score on clinical outcomes after percutaneous coronary intervention for patients with chronic renal insufficiency
, Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions: Official Journal of the Society for Cardiac Angiography and Interventions 95(Suppl): 606-615 (2020)

Research and recovery: Can patient participation in research promote recovery for people with complex post-traumatic stress disorder, CPTSD?
, Health Expectations 2019 (2019)

The effect of stenting on blood pressure in hypertensive patients with symptomatic proximal subclavian or vertebral artery stenosis
, Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 95(Suppl): 633-640 (2020)

A neurocognitive model of perceptual decision-making on emotional signals
, Human Brain Mapping 41(6): 1532-1556 (2020)

Measurement of bristle splaying of toothbrushes using digital imaging and evaluation of plaque removal efficacy over 3 months: A randomized controlled trial (RCT)
, International Journal of Dental Hygiene 18(2): 173-181 (2020)

Transglycosylating β-d-galactosidase and α-l-fucosidase from Paenibacillus sp. 3179 from a hot spring in East Greenland
, Microbiologyopen 9(3): E980 (2020)

Is Weight Bias Evident in Peer Interactions Between Young and Older Children?
, Obesity 28(2): 333-338 (2020)

The incidence of arrhythmias during exercise stress tests among children with Kawasaki disease: A single-center case series
, Congenital Heart Disease 14(6): 1032-1036 (2019)

Methodological considerations for the high sensitivity detection of multiple myeloma measurable residual disease
, Cytometry Part B - Clinical Cytometry 98(2): 161-173 (2020)

Congenital heart defects associated with aneuploidy syndromes: New insights into familiar associations
, American Journal of Medical Genetics - Seminars in Medical Genetics 184(1): 53-63 (2020)

Outcomes of primary percutaneous cardiac intervention for ST elevation myocardial infarction with a saphenous vein graft culprit
, Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 96(1): E75-E83 (2020)

Efficacy of Social Story Intervention in Training Toothbrushing Skills Among Special-Care Children With and Without Autism
, Autism Research 13(4): 666-674 (2020)

MicroRNA cluster MC-let-7a-1~let-7d promotes autophagy and apoptosis of glioma cells by down-regulating STAT3
, Cns Neuroscience and Therapeutics 26(3): 319-331 (2020)

Incidence, outcomes, and predictors of in-hospital acute coronary syndrome following endovascular transcatheter aortic valve replacement in the United States
, Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 96(5): E527-E534 (2020)

Disparities in Documented Diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder Based on Demographic, Individual, and Service Factors
, Autism Research: Official Journal of the International Society for Autism Research 13(3): 464-473 (2020)

Morphological characteristics and expression of adhesion markers in cells of low differentiated endometrial carcinoma
, Experimental Oncology 41(4): 335-341 (2019)

Association of elevated vitamin B 12 with oncohematological diseases in a cohort of 79,524 patients from Latvia
, Experimental Oncology 41(4): 357-362 (2019)

Detection of polyamines using immunobiosensor based on zinc oxide nanoparticles
, Experimental Oncology 41(4): 363-365 (2019)

How to improve quality of life in patients with acute leukemia and comorbid ischemic heart disease treated with anthracycline-based induction chemotherapy
, Experimental Oncology 41(4): 353-356 (2019)

Cytomegaloviruses and malignant brain tumors
, Experimental Oncology 41(4): 300-303 (2019)

Proteomics of transforming growth factor β1 (TGF β1) signaling in 184A1 human breast epithelial cells suggests the involvement of casein kinase 2α in TGF β1-dependent p53 phosphorylation at Ser392
, Experimental Oncology 41(4): 304-311 (2019)

Deletions in metastatic colorectal cancer with chromothripsis
, Experimental Oncology 41(4): 323-327 (2019)

Association between XPO5 rs11077 polymorphism and cancer susceptibility: a meta-analysis of 7284 cases and 8511 controls
, Experimental Oncology 41(4): 346-352 (2019)

Molecular mechanisms of oxidation damage and liver cell dysfunction in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer
, Experimental Oncology 41(4): 328-334 (2019)

Apoptosis-inducing effect of spiroaminopyrimidine analogue in NB4 leukemia cells via down-regulation of BIRC5 expression
, Experimental Oncology 41(4): 312-317 (2019)

FUT3 expression in human breast cancer cells under hypoxia and serum deprivation
, Experimental Oncology 41(4): 318-322 (2019)

Immunocytochemical characteristics of thyrocytes in radioiodine refractory metastases of papillary thyroid cancer
, Experimental Oncology 41(4): 342-345 (2019)

Macrophages - a perspective target for antineoplastic immunotherapy
, Experimental Oncology 41(4): 282-290 (2019)

Non-linear dynamics theory and malignant melanoma
, Experimental Oncology 41(4): 291-299 (2019)

Mesoporous Au 3 Pd Film on Ni Foam: A Self-Supported Electrocatalyst for Efficient Synthesis of Ammonia
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 12(1): 436-442 (2020)

Synthesis of Cyclopentadithiophene-Diketopyrrolopyrrole Donor-Acceptor Copolymers for High-Performance Nonvolatile Floating-Gate Memory Transistors with Long Retention Time
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 12(2): 2743-2752 (2020)

Molecular and Structural Mechanism of Pan-Genotypic HCV NS3/4A Protease Inhibition by Glecaprevir
, Acs Chemical Biology 15(2): 342-352 (2020)

Magneli-Phase Titanium Suboxide Nanocrystals as Highly Active Catalysts for Selective Acetalization of Furfural
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 12(2): 2539-2547 (2020)

MXene Surface Terminations Enable Strong Metal-Support Interactions for Efficient Methanol Oxidation on Palladium
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 12(2): 2400-2406 (2020)

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Hypoxia-Inducible Factor PAS-B Domain Confirm That Internally Bound Water Molecules Function To Stabilize the Protein Core for Ligand Binding
, Biochemistry 59(4): 450-459 (2020)

Switchable Direction of Liquid Transport via an Anisotropic Microarray Surface and Thermal Stimuli
, Acs Nano 14(2): 1436-1444 (2020)

Well-Defined Materials for Heterogeneous Catalysis: From Nanoparticles to Isolated Single-Atom Sites
, Chemical Reviews 120(2): 623-682 (2020)

Controlled Polymerization and Ultrafiltration Increase the Consistency of Polymerized Hemoglobin for Use as an Oxygen Carrier
, Bioconjugate Chemistry 31(3): 605-621 (2020)

Rapid and Precise Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Clumped Isotopic Composition by Tunable Infrared Laser Differential Spectroscopy
, Analytical chemistry 92(2): 2034-2042 (2020)

Enhanced Electrosorption Ability of Carbon Nanocages as an Advanced Electrode Material for Capacitive Deionization
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 12(2): 2180-2190 (2020)

Enhanced Photoresponse of Indium-Doped Tin Disulfide Nanosheets
, Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces 12(2): 2607-2614 (2020)

Precise Self-Assembly of Molecular Four- and Six-Pointed Stars
, Inorganic Chemistry 59(1): 875-879 (2020)

A Complicated Relationship: Glycosylation, Ca(II), and Primary Sequence Affect the Interactions and Kinetics between Two Model Mollusk Shell Intracrystalline Nacre Proteins
, Biochemistry 59(4): 346-350 (2020)

Enantioselective Synthesis of Polycyclic γ-Lactams with Multiple Chiral Carbon Centers via Ni(0)-Catalyzed Asymmetric Carbonylative Cycloadditions without Stirring
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 142(3): 1594-1602 (2020)

Photolysis-Induced Neurotoxicity Enhancement of Chlorpyrifos in Aquatic System: A Case Investigation on Caenorhabditis elegans
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 68(2): 461-470 (2020)

Copper(I)-Catalyzed Synthesis of Functionalized Indolizinones from Substituted Pyridine Homologated Ynones
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 85(2): 902-911 (2020)

Triptycenyl Sulfide: A Practical and Active Catalyst for Electrophilic Aromatic Halogenation Using N -Halosuccinimides
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 142(3): 1621-1629 (2020)

General Strategy to Optimize Gas Evolution Reaction via Assembled Striped-Pattern Superlattices
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 142(4): 1857-1863 (2020)

Semiconductive Nature of Lead-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks with Three-Dimensionally Extended Sulfur Secondary Building Units
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 142(1): 27-32 (2020)

Theoretical Studies of Bipolar Transport in C n BTBT-F m TCNQ Donor-Acceptor Cocrystals
, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11(2): 359-365 (2020)

Fe-Catalyzed Selective Cyclopropanation of Enynes under Photochemical or Thermal Conditions
, Organic Letters 22(1): 340-344 (2020)

Study on the Ti K, L 2,3 , and M Edges of SrTiO 3 and PbTiO 3
, Journal of Physical Chemistry. a 124(2): 322-327 (2020)

Optimizing the Void Size of Yolk-Shell [email protected]@C Nanospheres for High-Power-Density Sodium-Ion Batteries
, Nano Letters 20(1): 758-767 (2020)

Complementary C-H Functionalization Mode of Benzoylacetonitriles: Computer-Augmented Study of a Regio- and Stereoselective Synthesis of Functionalized Benzofulvenes
, Organic Letters 22(1): 46-51 (2020)

Populating Chemical Space with Peptides Using a Genetic Algorithm
, Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 60(1): 121-132 (2020)

Antimicrobial Light-Activated Polypropylene Modified with Chitosan: Characterization and Reusability
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 68(46): 13076-13082 (2020)

Unanticipated Silyl Transfer in Enantioselective α,β-Unsaturated Acyl Ammonium Catalysis Using Silyl Nitronates
, Organic Letters 22(1): 335-339 (2020)

Enantioselective Synthesis of Fused Polycyclic Tropanes via Dearomative [3 + 2] Cycloaddition Reactions of 2-Nitrobenzofurans
, Organic Letters 22(1): 164-167 (2020)

The concept of regularization: Resolving the problem of surface dyslexia in semantic variant primary progressive aphasia across different languages
, Neuropsychology 34(3): 298-307 (2020)

Attachment loss and trauma: A descriptive phenomenological analysis of suicidality and depression in veterinarians
, Psychological Trauma: Theory Research Practice and Policy 2019 (2019)

Childhood adversity and mental health in veterans seeking treatment for mental health difficulties: Comparisons with the general military population
, Psychological Trauma: Theory Research Practice and Policy 2019 (2019)

Discrimination, health, and the costs and benefits of believing in system fairness
, Health Psychology: Official Journal of the Division of Health Psychology American Psychological Association 39(3): 230-239 (2020)

Learning what to change: Young children use "difference-making" to identify causally relevant variables
, Developmental Psychology 56(2): 275-284 (2020)

Racial identity and changes in psychological distress using the multidimensional model of racial identity
, Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology 26(4): 509-519 (2020)

Noncoercive human intelligence gathering
, Journal of Experimental Psychology. General 149(8): 1435-1448 (2020)

Best research practices in clinical science: Reflections on the status quo and charting a path forward
, Journal of Abnormal Psychology 129(1): 1-4 (2020)

Interobserver reliability in clinical research: Current issues and discussion of how to establish best practices
, Journal of Abnormal Psychology 129(1): 5-13 (2020)

Transdiagnostic approaches to psychopathology measurement: Recommendations for measure selection, data analysis, and participant recruitment
, Journal of Abnormal Psychology 129(1): 21-28 (2020)

Methodological choices in event-related potential (ERP) research and their impact on internal consistency reliability and individual differences: An examination of the error-related negativity (ERN) and anxiety
, Journal of Abnormal Psychology 129(1): 29-37 (2020)

Levers and barriers to success in the use of translational neuroscience for the prevention and treatment of mental health and promotion of well-being across the lifespan
, Journal of Abnormal Psychology 129(1): 38-48 (2020)

Participant carelessness and fraud: Consequences for clinical research and potential solutions
, Journal of Abnormal Psychology 129(1): 49-55 (2020)

Ambulatory assessment in psychopathology research: A review of recommended reporting guidelines and current practices
, Journal of Abnormal Psychology 129(1): 56-63 (2020)

Monitoring, assessing, and responding to suicide risk in clinical research
, Journal of Abnormal Psychology 129(1): 64-69 (2020)

Best practices in research mentoring in clinical science
, Journal of Abnormal Psychology 129(1): 70-81 (2020)

Are infants altercentric? The other and the self in early social cognition
, Psychological Review 127(4): 505-523 (2020)

Simultaneous consonance in music perception and composition
, Psychological Review 127(2): 216-244 (2020)

The dual accumulator model of strategic deliberation and decision making
, Psychological Review 127(4): 477-504 (2020)

Reconciling novelty and complexity through a rational analysis of curiosity
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Role of Microtearing Turbulence in DIII-D High Bootstrap Current Fraction Plasmas
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 225002 (2019)

Underlying Structure of Collective Bands and Self-Organization in Quantum Systems
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 222502 (2019)

Nonlinear Dynamics of Spinning Bosonic Stars: Formation and Stability
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 221101 (2019)

Vanishing and Revival of Resonance Raman Scattering
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 223202 (2019)

Pressure Tensor Elements Breaking the Frozen-In Law During Reconnection in Earth's Magnetotail
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 225101 (2019)

Resistivity Saturation in Metallic Liquids Above a Dynamical Crossover Temperature Observed in Measurements Aboard the International Space Station
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 226601 (2019)

Robust Increase in Supply by Vessel Dilation in Globally Coupled Microvasculature
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 228103 (2019)

Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Non-Fermi-Liquid Correlations in Nanoscopic Quantum Transport
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 226801 (2019)

Energy of the ^{229}Th Nuclear Clock Isomer Determined by Absolute γ-ray Energy Difference
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 222501 (2019)

Phasonic Spectroscopy of a Quantum Gas in a Quasicrystalline Lattice
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 223201 (2019)

Softened Symmetry Breaking in Composite Higgs Models
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 221801 (2019)

Witnessing Quantum Resource Conversion within Deterministic Quantum Computation Using One Pure Superconducting Qubit
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 220501 (2019)

In-line Spectral Interferometry in Shortwave-Infrared Laser Filaments in Air
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 223203 (2019)

Nonequilibrium Theory of Epigenomic Microphase Separation in the Cell Nucleus
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 228101 (2019)

Survival of the Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Orbital Magnetic Fields as a Consequence of the Parity Anomaly
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 226602 (2019)

Surface Tension Controls the Hydraulic Fracture of Adhesive Interfaces Bridged by Molecular Bonds
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 228102 (2019)

Voigt Exceptional Points in an Anisotropic ZnO-Based Planar Microcavity: Square-Root Topology, Polarization Vortices, and Circularity
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 227401 (2019)

Motility-Induced Temperature Difference in Coexisting Phases
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 228001 (2019)

Nonsymmorphic-Symmetry-Protected Topological Magnons in Three-Dimensional Kitaev Materials
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Flux Tube S-Matrix Bootstrap
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 221602 (2019)

Variational Thermal Quantum Simulation via Thermofield Double States
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 220502 (2019)

Entanglement Wedges from the Information Metric in Conformal Field Theories
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 221601 (2019)

Dark States of Multilevel Fermionic Atoms in Doubly Filled Optical Lattices
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 223601 (2019)

Prediction of Attractive Level Crossing via a Dissipative Mode
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 227201 (2019)

Attosecond Molecular Angular Streaking with All-Ionic Fragments Detection
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 223204 (2019)

Entropy Measurement in Strongly Coupled Complex Plasmas
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 225001 (2019)

Absence of Evidence of Electrical Switching of the Antiferromagnetic Néel Vector
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 227203 (2019)

Feedback Cooling of a Room Temperature Mechanical Oscillator close to its Motional Ground State
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 223602 (2019)

Understanding the Multiwavelength Observation of Geminga's Tev Halo: The Role of Anisotropic Diffusion of Particles
, Physical Review Letters 123(22): 221103 (2019)

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