Periodontal esthetic surgery to improve a natural smile: Report case with 2-year follow-up

Boeira, P.Oliveira.; De Rossi, A.; Caporossi, L.Stephan.; Lima, G.da.Silveira.

Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology 24(1): 87-91


ISSN/ISBN: 0972-124X
PMID: 31983852
Accession: 069751338

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The objective in this case report is to present a correction of excessive gingival exposure performed through periodontal esthetic surgery, using clinical crown lengthening and lip repositioning. The patient reported discomfort when smiling due to excessive gingival exposure, and clinical and photographic examinations of the patient showed vertical maxillary growth as the main diagnosis. In the digital smile design, the possibility of crown lengthening observed for teeth - upper left and right central incisors and upper left lateral incisor. A lip-repositioning procedure was also planned. An incision was performed at the mucogingival junction, and a parallel incision was realized at the top of the alveolar mucosa. Afterward, the incised gingival band was removed through vertical incisions in the planned border area. The muscular area was preserved. A simple suture was made, with the approach of the gingival margins around the surgical area. The crown-lengthening procedure was performed with the flapless technique. After 2-year follow-up, the periodontal esthetic surgery, comprising crown lengthening and lip repositioning, was noninvasive and can thus serve as an interesting alternative treatment for excessive exposure of the gingival smile, as it results in a harmonious and natural smile.