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15-Year lipid profile effects on cardiovascular events adjusted for cardiovascular risk factors: a cohort study from Middle-East

Sadeghi, M.; Golshahi, J.; Talaei, M.; Sheikhbahaei, E.; Ghodjani, E.; Mansouri, M.; Mansouri, P.; Sarrafzadegan, N.; Roohafza, H.

Acta cardiologica 2020: 1-6


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-5385
PMID: 32019473
DOI: 10.1080/00015385.2020.1717096
Accession: 069781757

Background: Dyslipidaemia is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD); however, there are only a few long-term cohort studies. The aim of this unique study is to evaluate the effects of several lipid markers on cardiovascular outcomes during a 15-year follow-up from the Isfahan cohort study (ICS).Methods: This ongoing cohort study was started in 2001 in three cities of Iran. The study population includes 5432 individuals older than 35 years and with Iranian citizenship. All of the patients were evaluated every 2 years by telephone and a full medical examination with blood sampling was conducted every 5 years. The data were recorded in our checklists. Dyslipidaemia was defined according to the ATPIII criteria. Our endpoints in this study were any cardiovascular events such as stroke, sudden cardiac death, unstable angina or myocardial infarction (MI).Results: cardiovascular events were significantly higher in males, older people, diabetics, smokers, patients with higher BMIs, higher blood pressure, dyslipidaemia and less educational level, physical activity index and global dietary index. Our adjusted multivariable analysis (for cardiovascular risk factors and demographic factors) revealed that dyslipidaemia could increase the risk of 15-year cardiovascular events by 1.59 times (HR = 1.59 [1.23-2.06], p value  < .001) adjusted for demographic factors and baseline cardiovascular risk factors.Conclusions: Dyslipidaemia, as an independent risk factor, was associated with future cardiovascular events. In this regard, serum lipid screening can help to decrease the risk of long-term cardiovascular events.

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