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A Survey of Contact Lens Wearers and Eye Care Professionals on Satisfaction with a new Smart-Surface Silicone Hydrogel Daily Disposable Contact Lens

Grant, T.; Tang, A.

Clinical Optometry 12: 9-15


ISSN/ISBN: 1179-2752
PMID: 32021532
DOI: 10.2147/opto.s233328
Accession: 069783473

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To assess the patient and ECP preference of verofilcon A lenses over approximately a one-week period when worn on a daily wear, daily disposable (DD) basis by current DD contact lens wearers (CLWs) and new CLWs. ECPs assessed the lens fit, performance on eye and lens preference (to habitual DD lens) for current wearers. A total of 218 current DD CLWs and 129 new CLWs aged >18 years participated in the survey. Baseline demographics and one-week data were obtained by 31 ECPs after fitting up to 10 current and 10 new wearers each. The survey was conducted online for both the participants and the ECPs. The survey took place in Australia and New Zealand from April to May 2019. For new wearers, the surveyed results demonstrated strong wearer preference for the verofilcon A lens with quality of life as a main driver. For current wearers, comfort was the main driver for verofilcon A preference. Post survey, 73% of ECPs stated they would most likely continue to fit verofilcon A lenses.

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