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Rare Breast Carcinoma with Paradoxical Plasma Cell Immunoprofile: A Case Report

Grădinaru, E.Sebastian.; Stoicea, M-Ciprian.; Mocanu, L.; Antoniac, I.; Gheorghiță, D.; Grigore, A.Gabriela.Mihaela.

Medicina 56(2)


ISSN/ISBN: 1010-660X
PMID: 32033289
DOI: 10.3390/medicina56020062
Accession: 069793809

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Plasma cell features are encountered in a variety of non-plasma cell neoplasias, especially carcinomas of a discohesive type, such as those occurring in the digestive tract and breast. Lobular carcinomas of the breast present themselves in a variety of architectural patterns and many cell morphologies, including plasmacytoid types. A matching plasma cell phenotype is sometimes an associated feature. We report a case of a moderate grade invasive lobular carcinoma with focal plasmacytoid morphology and aberrant expression of plasma cell markers in a patient previously diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Paradoxical plasma cell immunoprofiles can be encountered in many malignancies, causing serious diagnostic problems, even more so with those occurring in discohesive carcinomas in multiple myeloma patients.

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