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An Enhanced Dynamic Simulation Model of a Hybrid Magnetic Bearing Taking Account of the Sensor Noise

Wajnert, D.; Sykulski, J.K.; Tomczuk, B.

Sensors 20(4)


ISSN/ISBN: 1424-8220
PMID: 32085648
DOI: 10.3390/s20041116
Accession: 069839007

The paper presents simulation and experimental verification of the hybrid magnetic bearing (HMB) performance characteristics. It has been demonstrated that the additional errors from the eddy current sensors have a significant impact on the control signals. An improved mathematical model combines a nonlinear magnetic equivalent circuit of the HMB with the ordinary differential equations of its transients. These equations describe the rotor motion and the electric circuit of the system, as well as the control system required for stable levitation of the rotor. Certain harmonics have been observed in the displacement signals of frequencies equal to the multiples of the cylinder rotations. The calculation model has, therefore, been improved, taking into account the interference of the harmonics. Simulation results were validated by comparing the time responses of the transients obtained from the numerical calculations with those measured on a real object; a satisfactory agreement between the results has been achieved.

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