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CO2 flows in the inter-regional and inter-sectoral network of the Yangtze River Economic Zone

Du, Q.; Guo, X.; Bao, T.; Huang, Y.; Han, X.

Environmental Science and Pollution Research International 27(14): 16293-16316


ISSN/ISBN: 1614-7499
PMID: 32124277
DOI: 10.1007/s11356-020-08129-0
Accession: 069872537

As a significant economic region in China, the Yangtze River Economic Zone has close spatial and sectoral linkages and generates considerable CO2 emissions. Reducing CO2 emissions in the Yangtze River Economic Zone (YREZ) while considering both inter-regional and inter-sectoral connections has become an essential issue. Based on a multi-regional input-output model and complex network theory, this study constructed a network with inter-regional and inter-sectoral CO2 emission flows in the YREZ simultaneously to reveal sectoral and spatial transfer pattern and identify the key sectors at the provincial level. The results of density, connectedness, hierarchy, and efficiency showed that the CO2 flow network was vulnerable and sensitive. The key provincial sectors were identified through different network indicators, including degree centrality, betweenness centrality, and eigenvector centrality. According to their characteristics, the 66 sectors were categorized into different communities with the roles of suppliers, receivers, and intermediaries. The findings of this study provided an integral map of CO2 emission flows in the YREZ so that the specific and comprehensive policies could be designed from sectoral and provincial level to avoid the offset of different policies.

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