In vitro Correlation of Glutamine and Glutamate Renal Ammoniagenesis during Adaptation

Preuss, H.G.; Gaydos, D.S.; Aujla, M.S.; Areas, J.; Vertuno, L.L.

Kidney and Blood Pressure Research 7(5): 321-328


ISSN/ISBN: 1420-4096
DOI: 10.1159/000172952
Accession: 070310127

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Renal slices from 191 rats in various states of acid-base balance were investigated for their ability to produce ammonia from both glutamine and glutamate. Under a variety of conditions, in three different type studies, a significantly similar correlation existed between ammonia adaptation from glutamine and glutamate. This relationship was maintained during acute and chronic acidosis and during alkalotic inhibition of renal ammoniagenesis. We conclude from our findings that ammonia adaptation in rats secondary to acute and chronic acidosis is similar, although incomplete during acute acidosis. Our results further support the hypothesis that the rate of glutamate deamination is a major mechanism for overall renal ammonia adaptation in rats during acid-base changes.