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Development of a Computer Program for Bulk-type Container Design using Optimum Design Parameter Analysis

JongMin, P.

Journal of Biosystems Engineering 28(4): 315-324


ISSN/ISBN: 1738-1266
Accession: 070451454

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If an optimum design technique is applied in the design of packaging container for bulk-type products, merits on the side of not only economic and compression performance but distribution efficiency are expected. Accordingly, minimum board area (mRBA), compression strength (CS) and compression strength per unit area (mCSPA) are important design parameters in optimum design of packaging container for bulk-type products. In this study, mathematical models for mRBA, CS and mCSPA of container as algorithm for optimum design program were developed. In order to develop these models, compression test by various dimensions of container and response surface analysis for mRBA, CS, and mCSPA of container were carried out. In the developed models, volume, W/L ratio and depth of container were principal independent variables. On the ground of these models, optimum design program having faculties of outward and inward optimum design and information design was developed. Though the packaging specifications are same, required board area, board combination and cost of the corrugated board required container manufacture were greatly different by boundary conditions in outward design. Moreover, about 6.3~10.1% in weight of container was lighter, and about 13.2~25.6% in cost of container was reduced when the program was applied for 2 kinds of bulk-type products.

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