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Effects of Chromium Picolinate on Growth Performance,Carcass Characteristics and Plasma Components in Holstein

Yun-Jaie, C.; 홍중산; 김명국; 김윤학; 한승은; 이홍구; 이현준

Journal of Animal Science and Technology 44(4): 419-426


ISSN/ISBN: 2672-0191
Accession: 070451475

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We conducted two experiments to evaluate the effects of chromium picolinate(CrP) on growth performance, carcass characteristics and plasma components in Holstein bulls. In trial Ⅰ, eight finishing Holstein bulls(300±6.99Kg) were allocated to 2 treatments(control and 0.05% CrP) with 4 replication for 10-months. In results, growth performance was not affected by CrP addition. The plasma insulin concentration in 0.05% CrP group was about 2 times higher than the control group of Holstein bulls. The levels of plasma NEFA were significantly decreased to 59.00 mEq/dl with 0.05% CrP treatment(P<0.05), but the levels of plasma glucose and PUN were not altered by 0.05% CrP treatment. The grade of carcass was not different between control and 0.05% CrP group, but back fat thickness in 0.05% CrP group was increased in 22.33% compared with control group. In trial 2, fifteen growing- finishing Holstein bulls(160±4.63Kg) were allocated to 3 treatments(control, 0.025% CrP and 0.05% CrP) with 5 replication for 14-months. During the overall experimental period, growth performance was not affected by CrP levels. The levels of hormone and metabolites were not affected by CrP supplementa- tion. The carcass characteristics were not different between control and treatment.These results show that the CrP may have no effects for beef cattle production because of degradation of CrP conjugation in the rumen. However treatment of short term provide a possibility the effects of development for lipogenesis.

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