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Influence of Polyethylene Film Mulch and Seeding Types on Growth and Tuber Yield of Fall-Grown Potato

KIL, K.A.N.G. Y.O.U.N.G.; Kang, S.-Y.; 강봉균

Korean Journal of Crop Science 48(3): 147-151


ISSN/ISBN: 0252-9777
Accession: 070451583

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Normal seed tubers and plug seedlings raised from stem cutting and mini-tubers (10±3g) were planted or transplanted on August 20,2001 in bare soil or under transparent and black polyethylene film mulches to evaluate the effects of mulch material and seedling type on the growth and tuber yield of fall-grown potato (Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Dejima) in Jeju region. Total tuber number per plant was 4.6 regardless of mulch treatment, and direct planting seed potatoes resulted in the greatest tubers (5.14)/plant and followed by transplanting seedlings raised from cutting and mini-tubers (4.15 and 5.15 tubers/plant). Transparent and black polyethylene film mulches increased total tuber yield by 16 and 8%, respectively, and average tuber weight by 14 and 12%, respectively, compared with no mulch (21.16 t/ha and 72.2 g/tuber). Transplanting plug seedlings raised from cutting resulted in the greatest tuber yield, followed by transplanting plug seedlings raised from mini-tubers and direct planting seed potatoes.

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