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Serial Ultrasonographic Appearance of Postpartum Uterine Involution in Cocker Spaniel Bitches

SonChangho; Park, I.-C.; OhKiseok; Kim, J.T.; Kim, B.; 황순신; 조양택; 박철호; 박종태; 박상국

Journal of Animal Reproduciton and Biotechnology 20(3): 271-277


ISSN/ISBN: 2671-4639
Accession: 070452438

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This study was undertaken to determine the normal appearance of the postpartum uterine involution. Postpartum changes in uterine shape, architecture, echogenicity and diameter were monitored with ultrasonography in 8 Cocker spaniel bitches.The excretory period of vaginal discharges in 8 normal bitches of uterine involution was finished completely at 23.20±2.77 days (Mean±SD) postpartum. The short axis shape of the uterus was varied from polygonal to circular. This lasted until 16.00±2.12 days postpartum, during which time the short axis uterine shape gradually changed to circular. Also, the long axis shape of the uterus was created a beaded appearance of the horns until 25.60±2.51 days postpartum.The uterine diameter was decreased not only in the placental sites from 24.20±2.06mm at 1 day to 13.18±0.84mm at 7 days postpartum, but also in the interplacental sites 14.26±2.22mm at 1 day, 9.81±0.7mm at 7 days postpartum. There was a general trend of decreasing uterine diameter, which occurred more rapidly at the placental sites.In conclusion, normal postpartum uterine involution in Cocker spainel bitches appeared to be completed around 68 days postpartum by gross findings such as vaginal discharges, and by ultrasongraphic findings, uterine shape and echogenicity.

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