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Effect of Mulching Material on the Growth and Quality of Oriental Melon (Cucumis melo L. var. makuwa Mak.) in Protected Cultivation

SEUB, S.H.I.N. Y.O.N.G.; 배수곀; μ—°μΌκΆŒ; λ„ν•œμš°

Protected Horticulture and Plant Factory 10(4): 237-243


ISSN/ISBN: 2288-0992
Accession: 070452603

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The experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of different mulching materials on thegrowth and quality of oriental melon in protected cultivation. Soil temperature, plant growth and fruitquality were affected by different mulching materials, clear polyethylene (P.E.) film (control), clearinset between black P.E. film, green P.E. film. and recycled ethylene vinyl acetate (E.V.A.) film. Thehighest night soil temperature was at 20 cm depth under green P.E. film, but was at 5 cm depth underother materials. Difference of soil temperature as affected by mulching materials decreased withincreasing soil depth. Plant height, number of nodes, leaf area index (LAI), crop growth rate (CGR),and relative growth rate (RGR) at 30 days after transplanting were significantly greater in the recy-cled E.V.A. film treatment than in the other treatments. Fresh weight of weeds growing under the mulch-ing materials was not affected by mulching material at 30 days after transplanting. However, it was thegreatest under clear P.E. film mulching at 90 days after transplanting. Harvesting time of recycled E.V.A.film was 2 days earlier than that of clear P.E. film. Difference in fruit weight and length, and solublesolid content were not affected by the mulching materials. Marketable yield was 2,426 kg 10a-1 in recy-cled E.V.A. film treatment, which was 6% greater than in clear P.E. film treatment.

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