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Study on Comparison of Growth Performance, Feed Efficiency and Carcass Characteristics for Holstein, Hanwoo and F1 (Holstein♀×Hanwoo♂) Steers

강수원; 오영균; 최창원; 김경훈; 손용석

Journal of Animal Science and Technology 47(2): 243-252


ISSN/ISBN: 2672-0191
Accession: 070453112

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This study was conducted to investigate the optimal feeding program for producing the high quality meat on the base of the information deriving from the comparison of the growth performance and carcass characteristics among the breeds; Holstein, Hanwoo and F1(Holstein♀×Hanwoo♂) steers. Twenty four steers on 3 treatment(i. e. eight head/breed) were used for 540 days from seven to 24 months of age.The results obtained are summarized as follows; the ranges of average daily gains were 0.797 to 1.025, 0.895 to 1.280, 0.668 to 0.893 and 0.786 to 1.061kg for the growing, the fattening, the finishing and the entire periods, respectively, indicating that the gains were higher for Holstein(35%) and F1(22%) steers than for Hanwoo steers. Concentrates and TDN intakes per kg gain were numerically higher for Hanwoo steers than F1 or Holstein steers. In carcass characteristics, dressing percent for Hanwoo and F1 steers were higher than that for Holstein steers. Back fat thickness and meat yield index were not significantly different among the breeds. Marbling scores were 4.4, 4.1 and 4.0 for Hanwoo, F1 and Holstein steers, respectively. In physicochemical properties of longissimus dorsi, cooking loss for F1 steers was significantly lower than that for Holstein steers. However, the breeds did not affect shear force, water holding capacity and panel test scores of juiciness, tenderness and flavor. In economic analysis, although the gross receipt were the higher for Hanwoo than the others due to the high purchasing cost of Hanwoo calves, net income was the higher for Holstein and F1 steers than Hanwoo steers.According to the above results, we may concluded that high quality meat by Holstein or F1 steers can be produced if the Hanwoo quality meat production program is applied to Holstein or F1 steers management. Also, the farm net income by Holstein or F1 steers could be as high as that by Hanwoo quality meat production.

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