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Product Quality and Shelf-life Effect of Low-fat Functional Sausages Manufactured with Sodium Lactate and Chitosans During Storage at 15โ„ƒ

Chin, K.B.; CHOISOONHEE; ๊ตญ์„ฑํ˜ธ

Journal of Animal Science and Technology 47(4): 655-666


ISSN/ISBN: 2672-0191
Accession: 070453113

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This study was performed to measure physicochemical and textural characteristics, and shelf-life effect of low-fat functional sausages(LFFSs) manufactured with sodium lactate(SL, 3.3%), lac pigment and various molecular weights(MWs) of chitosan (Low=1.5 kDa, Med=30-50 kDa and High=200 kDa) during storage at 15โ„ƒ for 18 days. LFFSs had 73.7~76.0% moisture, lower than 3% fat and 14-15% protein, respectively. pH values were 6.05-6.44 and the control(150 ppm, NaNO2) was the lowest among LFFSs (p<0.05). Increasing storage time decreased pH values, but no differences in pH values were observed up to 6 days of storage (p>0.05). LFFSs containing SL and low MW of chitosan improved water holding capacity (WHC) and different from those with SL and medium-MW chitosan. WHC was decreased with increased storage time and differences of WHC were observed from 18 days of storage. The addition of chitosan reduced both lightness and redness values, as compared to 150 ppm sodium nitrite(SN), and increased storage time decreased yellowness(p<0.05), especially at 12 days of storage. LFFSs with SL and medium-MW chitosan increased most textural properties compared to the control(p<0.05). The addition of SN of 150 ppm in LFFSs retarded microbial growth for E. coli 0157:H7, while those with SL tended to have an antimicrobial effect for Listeria monocytogenes(LM). The growth rate of LM was delayed by addition of various MW of chitosans in LFFSs, especially high MW chitosan, as compared to LFFSs containing SL alone. These results indicated that the functional, textural and antimicrobial effects of LFFSs were improved by addition SL and various MW of chitosan combinations. In addition, 0.05% lac pigment improved the cure color of LFFSs similar to those of 150 ppm SN.

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