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Effects of Soil Textures by Soil Addition on the Growth and Quality of Oriental Melon (Cucumis melo L. var. Makuwa Mak.) under Protected Cultivation

Zakaullah, K.; 배수곀; μ—°μΌκΆŒ; λ°•μ†Œλ“; 강찬ꡬ

Protected Horticulture and Plant Factory 13(3): 156-161


ISSN/ISBN: 2288-0992
Accession: 070453377

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This study was conducted to investigate the efects of soil amendment with diferent character-istics on plant growth, fruit yield and quality of oriental melon for continuous cropping under protected cul-tivation. Humus layers in arable soil was disturbed because soil amendment from hillside to oriental melonfield was continued to resolve problems for continuous cropping. Water potential and hardness of soil wasdecreased in sandy loam with lower clay contents compared with loam and silty clay. Leaf length and area,dropped in sandy loam compared with silty clay soil. Fruit size and weight was higher in sandy loam, butsoluble solid and color of fruit were increased in silty clay. Marketable and unmarketable yield and quantityof fermented fruit were the highest in sandy loam. Hardness and weight of fruit were decreased by longerstorage period and soluble solids of fruit was peaked at 5 day after storage, but decreased by prolonged con-tinued storage. Because of these results, soil characteristics of amendment to oriental melon field should beconsidered as an important factor for quality and yield of oriental melon.

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