Establishment of the Convenient Boar Semen Freezing Method and Assessment of Viability in Frozen/Thawed Boar Semen

Kim, S. G.; Jang, H.; Park, C.-K.; Cheong, H.-T.; Kim, C.-I.; Keun, Y.B.; 박동헌

Reproductive and Developmental biology 30(1): 59-64


ISSN/ISBN: 1738-2432
Accession: 070453820

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This study was conducted to establish a convenient freezing method of boar semen. Boar semen was cooled until 5℃ for 3 hrs using cell freezer and loaded into straws. Semen straws were frozen in different steps in styrofoam box filled with LN2. Highest sperm viability (54.0%) was obtained by 1-step freezing(holding at 10 cm height from the surface of LN2 for 10 min). Sperm viability increased by holding at -102℃ for 10min (74.0%, P<0.05). In thawing regime, sperm viability was significantly higher in 37℃ group than in 52℃ group. The sperm characteristics did not differ between 1-step and 3-step. After IVF using frozen-thawed boar semen, developmental rate of embryos to the morula+blastocyst stage was in 1-step freezing group than that of 3-step freezing group (27.5 vs 14.7%, P<0.05). The result shows that the 1-step freezing with holding at -102℃ for 10min before plunging into LN2 is a convenient and easy freezing method for boar semen.