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Frost Damage of Mulberry Tree according to Topographic Characteristics in Buan Province

Jeon, K.-S.; Kim, T.C.; 김호철; 배현주; 배강순

Protected Horticulture and Plant Factory 20(1): 45-49


ISSN/ISBN: 2288-0992
Accession: 070456172

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This research was carried out to investigate frost damage of mulberry tree (Morus alba) according to topographic characteristics in Buan province. The first bud-break, leafing, blooming and harvest date of mulberry tree in 2010 were two, four, fourteen and eight days later than those in 2009, respectively. These results were that daily mean temperature during March and April in 2010 were lower than those in 2009 by 2.3oC and 2.4oC. Frost damage of orchards at flat-bottomed valley, flat near hill and lake, and plain were 50.0%, 12.0%, and 4.2%, respectively. Also, frost damage of branch of below 15 mm in diameter was serious than that of branch over 16 mm, but orchard at flat-bottomed valley was high as the range of 46.2~54.0%. These results in 2010 were caused by occurrence of below zero temperatures in leafing stage.Since then, many shoots came out at accessary bud on proximal and the top part of the branches. Therefore,frost damage of mulberry tree in Buan province in 2010 was caused by occurrence of below zero temperatures on April and topographic characteristics of orchard.

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