Varietal Variation of Grain Yield and Physico-chemical Properties Related to Grain Quality of the Major Rice Varieties by the Released Year

Kwak, T.S.

The Journal of the Korean Society of International Agriculture 23(1): 109-114


ISSN/ISBN: 1225-8504
Accession: 070456190

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This experiment was carried out to get the basic breeding informations regarding varietal variation and correlation of the growth characters, grain yield components, and physico-chemical properties related to grain quality of the major rice varieties by the released year and ecological type. The days from seeding to heading and culm length of the varietal group released after 2000 eras were shorter than those of the varietal group released before 1970 eras. The varieties released after 2000 eras showed higher grain yield due to the increments of the numbers of panicles per hill and spikelets per panicle. The varieties released by recently showed shorter and thiner of the length and width for the brown rice. The protein content and grain quality evaluation value of the varietal group released recently were so much improved compared to the varietal groups released before 2000. The yield component related characters affects to the grain yield by the varietal groups classified by the released year were different according to the characters of the yield components. The correlation between grain quality evaluation value and protein content, amylose content showed by negatively significant.