Section 71
Chapter 70,459

Effect of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) Irradiation on Growth and Mineral Absorption of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. 'Lollo Rosa')

Woo, C.D.; 신용습; 채장희; 이문중; 이은숙; 안준형; 도한우; 정종도; 이지은; 김민기; 박종욱; 엄영철; 박소득

Protected Horticulture and Plant Factory 21(3): 180-185


ISSN/ISBN: 2288-0992
Accession: 070458275

We examined pretreatment methods eliminating potassium and sodium efficiently for coir bag used in hydroponics by analyzing drainage coming from coir bags. In the first experiment we investigated for six coir bags with the high market shares. The three types of pretreatment were washing coir bags with only water for 7 days (W7S0), washing with water for 4 days and further with nutrient solution for 3 days (W4S3), and washing with only nutrient solution for 7 days (W0S7). In the second experiment we tested reproducibility of the experiment results for Bio Grow and coco Mix among six coir bags used in the first experiment to verify the results. As a result, the best pretreatments for the pH stabilization were W4S3 and W0S7. The EC value of the drainage was stabilized to less than 1.0 that is the same as EC of the supply solution on the fourth day in all treatments. The nutrients of the drainage in W7S0 was stabilized in 3~4days but calcium and magnesium were depleted. We assessed that washing longer than 4 days was waste of water. The stabilization of coir bags in W0S7 was similar to it in W4S3, but washing with the nutrient solution for 7 days seemed to be uneconomical. The reproducibility experiment for two coir bags ensured the results in the first experiment. Therefore, the pretreatment method, which is the most simple to implement and economic, seems to wash with water for 3 days and then with the nutrient solution for 1 day before planting on coir bag.

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