Section 71
Chapter 70,459

Soil EC and Yield and Quality of Oriental Melon (Cucumis melo L. var. makuwa Mak.) as affected by Fertigation

Jun, H.; Suh, J.-K.; ์‹ ์šฉ์Šต

Protected Horticulture and Plant Factory 21(3): 186-191


ISSN/ISBN: 2288-0992
Accession: 070458276

Experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of fertigation (fertilizer-added irrigation)on soil EC (electrical conductivity), nitrogen and calcium content in soil, vine growth and fruit yield of oriental melon (Cucumis melo L. var. makuwa Mak.). Soil EC was increased with the frequency of fertigation (Yamazaki's solution for melon, 900 L/1,000 plants, each time) up to 0.8 dS ร‚ยท m1 as compared to that of conventional irrigation (0.2 dS ร‚ยท m1). Ca content in soil also increased in fertigation fields. Vine dry weigh (20 days after planting) was significantly increased in fertigation plot. Markedly increases in marketable fruit yield and lower rate of off-shape fruit were recorded with the increase in fertigation frequency. Mean fruit weight and soluble solids contents (0Brix) in fruit were not affected by fertigation. Fresh weight loss during storage was significantly higher in fruits harvested from 2 times fertigation (09:00 and 18:00) plot than conventional irrigation and the 1 time fertigation ones.

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