Identification of QTL for Grain Protein Content and Grain Hardness from Winter Wheat for Genetic Improvement of Spring Wheat

Heo, H.; Sherman, J.

Plant Breeding and Biotechnology 1(4): 347-353


ISSN/ISBN: 2287-9358
Accession: 070460044

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To utilize the favorable gene(s) from winter wheat for genetic improvement of spring wheat, this study was carried out to identify the quantitative trait loci (QTL) associated with grain protein content (GPC) and grain hardness (GH) by analysis of recombinant inbred lines (RILS) derived from a cross between spring wheat and spring version of winter wheat. A genetic map of 334loci was constructed which covered 1575.30cM on all 21 chromosomes. Two QTLs on 3B and 5B chromosome were detected for GPC.A QTL identified barc77 on chromosome 3B had additive effect of 0.17 and the other QTL identified by gwm499 on chromosome 5B had additive effect of 0.19. There were two major QTLs for GH identified on Chromosome 1B and chromosome 5A. The QTL on 1B was localized within a 18.7cM region flanked by wmc719 and wmc367-1 with 1.75 additive effect. The QTL on chromosome 5A flanked by SNP markers, IWA6573 and IWA2363, had additive effect of 1.44.