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Meteorological Analysis of Installation Effects of a Windbreak Net on Reducing Wind Speed at an Apple Orchard

Shim, K.; Kim, Y.; Jung, M.-P.; Kim, S.C.; 김민석; 황해

Korean Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 15(4): 298-303


ISSN/ISBN: 1229-5671
Accession: 070460227

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In this study, the installation effects of a windbreak net on reducing wind speed were examined using meteorological observation data. Three automatic weather systems (AWS) were installed at the inside of the windbreak net of an apple orchard along the distance, and one AWS was located at the outside. They were set up on Oct. 25th, 2012 at the apple orchard of Geochang County, and meteorological data, which were observed at four stations for about 1 year from October 26, 2012 through October 21, 2013, were used for this study. Meteorological variables include air temperature & relative humidity at a height of 1.5 meter, and wind speed & wind direction at a height of 2 meter and 4 meter. These variables were measured and recorded every 60 seconds. The preliminary results of this study was as follows: (1) Daily mean temperature at the inside of the windbreak net was lower than that of the outside by 0.1 through 0.2oC. (2) Daily mean relative humidity at the inside of the windbreak net was higher than that of the outside by 0.7 through 1.7%. (3) As compared to the outside, northerly daily maximum wind speed of the inside of the windbreak net at a height of 2 and 4 meter was reduced by 0.7~1.5 ms1 (30.4~65.2%) and 0.3~0.7 ms1 (10.3~24.1%), respectively.

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