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Effect of Planting Dates on Growth and Yield of Late-planted Sweet Corn (Zea mays L.) to Sell Fresh Ears in the Autumn

Shin, S.-H.; Jeong, G.-H.; Kim, M.; Lee, J.-S.; Son, B.-Y.; Kim, J.-T.; Bae, H.-H.; Kwon, Y.-U.; Baek, S.-B.; 김상곤

Korean Journal of Crop Science 59(3): 299-306


ISSN/ISBN: 0252-9777
Accession: 070461262

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Fresh edible sweet corns demand relativelyshort period to harvest fresh ears, which can allow farmersto make a choice sweet corns for various cropping systems.For this reason, we were to find the optimum planting dateof late-planted sweet corns to sell fresh ears in the autumnlinked to cropping system with winter crops, investigatingyield and properties of marketable fresh ears and growthtraits of sweet corns (cv. 'Godangok' and cv. 'Guseulok')depending on planting dates such as 10 July, 20 July, and30 July in Suwon 2012 and 2013, respectively. The 20July-planted sweet corns showed the most fresh ear yield.However, the 10 July-planted and the 30 July-planted had32% less yield caused by consecutive rainfall from 10 Julythrough 20 July, and 15% less yield due to low air temperatureduring ripening than the 20 July-planted, respectively.The 10 and 20 July-planted sweet corns had average 140gof a fresh ear weight and 15% heavier ear than the 30July-planted. For the July-planted sweet corns, silking daysafter planting (r=-0.80**), and harvesting days after silking(r=-0.97**) and planting (r=-0.91**) were highly negativelycorrelated with daily mean air temperature during the period,resulting in it takes 1,100 growing degree days (GDD) toharvest fresh ears from the July-planted sweet corns. Thefresh ears of the 20 July-planted sweet corns are able tobe harvested by early October. Therefore it will be a goodchoice for the cropping system based on winter vegetablecash crops such as temperate garlic and onion with mediumor late maturity. Among three planting dates 20 July-plantedsweet corns had the best field performance in every yearconsidering fresh ear yield, ear size, and stability to grow

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