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Accumulation of xanthophylls in some species of Tagetes L. genus in the conditions of Belgorodskaya oblast'

Tret'yakov, M.Y.; Sorokopudov, V.N.; Deineka, V.I.

Agricultural Biology 2010(4): 105-109


ISSN/ISBN: 0131-6397
Accession: 070473116

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The authors investigated the Tagetes erecta and T. patula varieties on capability for industrial growing as source of xanthophylls used during manufacturing of feed addition in poultry keeping and in pharmaceutical industry. It was established that in the conditions of Belgorodskaya oblast' the T. erecta variety with the most intensive orange blossoms (Siera orange, Rodos, Orange snow) were more preferential. The petals of the Siera orange variety contain the maximal quantity of xanthophylls diethers (3.7 mg/g, which is comparable with accumulation of xanthophylls during of growing in other world regions). «The useful mass» per one inflorescence in the T. erecta variety is 5-6 times as great as in the T. patula variety. The growing of the T. erecta plants is more efficient as far as the flowers blossom out on the plants practically simultaneously in contrast to T. patula the blossoming of which is greatly prolonged. The content of carotenoid in petals is reducing to the end of September in connection with lowering of average daily air temperature.

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