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Spring Wheat Grain Quality Depending on the Nitrogen Nutrition Level and the Application of Phytoregulators on Loamy Soddy-Podzolic Soil

Новиков, Н.Н.; Жарихина, А.А.

Plodorodie 2012(1): 8-10


ISSN/ISBN: 1994-8603
Accession: 070479791

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In field experiments on loamy soddy-podzolic soil, it was shown that high-quality spring soft wheat grain could by obtained at the nitrogen application rate lower than 150 kg/ha. The nitrogen fertilizer improved the technological properties of grain (increased grain vitreousness, weight of 1000 grains, and gluten content), but it also increased alpha-amylase activity in growing seeds and decreased the elasticity of grain gluten. Nitrogen spray dressing in the beginning of seeds formation increased the content of gluten and decreased the alpha-amylase activity. A positive effect of phytoregulators Epin-Extra and Albit on the technological properties of grain was revealed at their application at the earing stage.

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