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Protein composition and quality of spring soft wheat grain depending on the level of nitrogen nutrition and the application of phytoregulators on loamy soddy-podzolic soil

Новиков, Н.Н.; Жарихина, А.А.

Plodorodie 2012(5): 7-10


ISSN/ISBN: 1994-8603
Accession: 070483237

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In field experiments on loamy soddy-podzolic soil, it was shown that the high level of nitrogen application up to 150 kg/ha increased the grain productivity of spring soft wheat, gluten content, and alpha-amylase activity in grain. Top dressing with nitrogen at the beginning of seed formation increased the content of gluten proteins in grain and decreased the alpha-amylase activity, which had a positive effect on the technological properties of grain. The application of phytoregulator Albit at the heading stage decreased the alpha-amylase and acid protease activities in grain.

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