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Effect of Long-term Fertilization in a Grain-row Crop Rotation on the Potassium Status of Clay Loamy Soddy-podzolic Soil

Nikitina, L.V.

Agrokhimiya 2012(12): 15-23


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-1881
Accession: 070483564

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The effect of different fertilizing systems on the potassium status of clay loamy soddy-podzolic soil in a grain-row crop rotation was studied for the fi rst time in a long-term fi eld experiment. It was shown that a minimal content of exchangeable K (К2Оmin) was reached and then remained unchanged in the control soil under long-term agricultural use without fertilization because of the unbalanced removal of potation. A sustainable supply with K2Oexch at the negative balance is provided by the additional release of this element from unexchangeable forms. The long-term use of different fertilizing systems in a grain- row crop rotation had different effects on the potassium status of soils. The simultaneous application of organic and mineral fertilizers (especially at increased rates) favored the formation of potassium reserve in the soil and the preservation of its mineral basis from decomposition to a greater extent compared to the mineral fertilizers alone.

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