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Productivity of Spring Wheat Depending on the Nitrogen Fertilizer Application Rates and Methods in the Vologda Oblast

Чухина, О.В.; Жуков, Ю.П.; Быков, Г.Н.

Plodorodie 2012(6): 5-8


ISSN/ISBN: 1994-8603
Accession: 070484408

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The effect of increasing application rates of nitrogen fertilizers on the yield and quality of spring wheat grain was studied. It was found that fertilizers provided for 69% of wheat grain yield, and the application of N60 increased the productivity of wheat cultivars compared to the conventional PK fertilization. For the short-stem high-protein cultivar Irgina, the application rates of nitrogen fertilizers should be no lower than 60-90 kg/ha to obtain grain of high baking quality.