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The Efficiency of the Organic Fertilizers Application in Agrarian and INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX OF KRASNOYARSK REGION

Voloshin, E.I.

the Bulletin of KrasGAU 2016(4): 138-146


ISSN/ISBN: 1819-4036
Accession: 070499845

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In Krasnoyarsk region due to the reduction of a livestock of farm animals' production and use of covering manure was reduced twice, the tendency to decrease in fertility of soils is observed. There-fore the purpose of our study was to define re-sources of organic fertilizers and to plan ways of increasing their efficiency in agriculture of Krasno-yarsk region. The accounting of covering manure balance was defined according to "Norms of tech-nological projecting of system of removal and prep-aration for using manure and dung of NTP-17-99". For preservation and increase of soils fertility and improvement of ecological condition of agroecosystem it is necessary to increase applica-tion volumes by fertilizer of birds' dung, chopped straw of grain crops and siderat. Evidence-based use of these fertilizers will allow to bring in addition to the soil 9.39 mln t of covering manure that are equivalent to 46 950 t of nitrogen, 24 475 t of phos-phorus and 56 340 t of potassium. Using these fer-tilizers in plant growing economically does not break technology of crops cultivation. Rational ap-plication of all local organic fertilizers resources will promote the improvement of agrochemical proper-ties of soils and will increase efficiency of field cul-tures and agricultural production.

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