Fractional composition of nitrogen in southern chernozem under long-term mineral fertilization

Saifullina, L.B.; Chub, M.P.; Pron'ko, V.V.; Yaroshenko, T.M.; Klimova, N.F.; Zhuravlev, D.Y.

Plodorodie 2017(5): 12-16


ISSN/ISBN: 1994-8603
Accession: 070504836

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During 42 years of observations in a long-term stationary experiment carried out on southern chernozem in the Povolzhye region, a decrease in the pools of total nitrogen in the plow soil layer and the 0- to 100-cm soil profile was noted. The decrease in the content of nitrogen was observed in the untreated soil and at the application of different rates of mineral fertilizers. The easily hydrolyzable fraction of soil nitrogen, as determined by the Shkonde-Koroleva method, was subjected to the most significant changes. In the treatments without fertilizers and at the application of high nitrogen rates (N57 per 1 ha of crop rotation area), an active hydrolyzation of nonhydrolyzable nitrogen compounds was noted. The maintenance of the stable structure of nitrogen compounds in the soil plow layer was ensured by the application of N39 per 1 ha of crop rotation area.