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Metabolic profile in dairy cows and breeding bulls

Shkuratova, I.A.; Belousov, A.I.; Khalturina, L.V.; Busygina, O.A.

Veterinariia (5): 48-52


ISSN/ISBN: 0042-4846
Accession: 070513400

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The aim of the study was to identify the metabolic profile of highly productive cows and bulls. Clinically healthy Holstein cows (n=1184) and bulls (n=214) were selected. The studies found that the greatest differences were found with respect to aspartate aminotransferase, creatinine, alkaline phosphatase, total bilirubin, inorganic phosphorus, potassium, glutamate dehydrogenase, gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase, iron, creatine phosphatekinase, lactate dehydrogenase, triglycerides, cholesterol. The creatinine level in the blood plasma of bulls averaged 120,21±23,26 rmol/L, which is 27,0 % higher than in the blood of cows. The enzymatic activity of AST CPK and LDH in bulls-producers is on 9 - 20 % higher than in cows. The greatest differences were revealed in the content of creatine kinase, which was 183,58±52,49 U/L on average for producer bulls, which is 19,57 % higher than for cows. The activity of hepatic enzymes glutamate dehydrogenase and gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase in blood cows was higher by 12,2 % and 15,8 %, respectively. So, in cows, the activity of GGT was 16,38±4,69 U/L, the activity of glutamate dehydrogenase was 27,42±11,74 U/L. The level of total cholesterol in blood plasma bulls was on average 3,04±0,82 mmol/l, while in cows higher values were noted - 4,26±1,59 mmol/l. The average potassium content in the blood of bulls is 5,30±0,81 mmol/l, while in cows this indicator was at the level of 4,43±1,16 mmol/ l. Metabolic profile of bulls is characterized by a high content of inorganic phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase in the blood. The priority factors that determine the metabolic differences in the biochemical profile of animals of different sexes include feeding, exploitation, productivity, physiological characteristics of animals: muscle mass, physical activity, growth characteristics.

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