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The estimation of the combining ability of sunflower lines

Lepeshko, E. S.; Kostyleva, L. M.; Usatenko, T. V.

Zernovoe khozyaistvo Rossii 2020(4): 40-43


ISSN/ISBN: 2079-8725
Accession: 070514450

For the successful development of competitive sunflower hybrids, it is necessary to have a sufficient number of parental lines with valuable breeding traits and high combining ability. In the zone of insufficient moisture of the Rostov region, there were studied the plants to determine the general (GCA) and specific (SCA) combining ability of sunflower lines developed at the Donskaya experimental station named after L. A. Zhdanov (a branch of the FSBSI FRC ARRIMK). To estimate the GCA and SCA, there was used topcross hybridization, which allowed assessing fairly accurate a large set of lines according to any valuable trait. The objects of the study were the CMS lines ("VDG 2563 A", "VDG 127 A", "VDG 130 A" and "VDG 121 A"). As testers there were used the pollen fertility restorers (RF-lines) "ED 110 RF", "ED 155 RF", "ED 788 RF". The current paper has presented the analysis of the productivity of the test-hybrids, obtained as a result of topcross hybridization. The estimation of the lines according to the economically valuable traits was carried out in the fields of the station's selection crop rotation. The test plots were five-row with three-fold repetition. The total area of the plot was 22.05 m2, the accounting area was 13.23 m2. The purpose of the current work was to evaluate the effects of GCA and SCA of the new parental lines based on the results of studying the productivity of test hybrids obtained by topcross hybridization. As a result of a three-year study of test-hybrids of sunflower, there were estimated the effects of GSA of lines and testers, SCA constants of hybrids and SCA variance of lines and testers. There have been identified the best lines and testers with the best combining ability "VDG 121 A', "VDG 2563 A", "VDG 130 A", "ED 155 RF" and "ED 788 RF" and they have been recommended for breeding work to obtain promising hybrids.

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