Estimativa da área foliar da mangueira (Mangifera indica L.) cvs. Tommy Atkins e Haden, utilizando dimensões lineares

Araújo, E.C.E.; Santos, E.P. dos; Prado, C.H.B. de A.

Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura 27(2): 308-309


ISSN/ISBN: 1806-9967
Accession: 070521546

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Reports on leaf area estimation in mango is rare and with little convergent results. The objective of this work was to determine the equations that best describe the relationship among the linear dimensions (length and maximum width) and the leaf area (LA) of mango cvs Tommy Atkins and Haden, allowing the fast and non-destructive estimation of the leaf area just using the length (L), the maximum width (W), or both. The leaf area of mango can be obtained multiplying the product of the length for the width, and by the factor 0,74 (in Tommy Atkins cultivar) or by 0,78 (in Haden cultivar), as well as using the equations: LA = 4,96349 L - 33,429 (R²=0,86); LA = 17,02964 W - 18,88065 (R²=0,85) and LA = 0,73499 (LxW) + 0,59459 (R²=0,92) in Tommy Atkins cultivar or LA = 5,35282 L - 33,17061(R²=0,88); LA = 19,09951W - 24,61777(R²=0,89) and LA = 0,76015(LxW) + 0,43257(R²=0,99) in Haden cultivar.