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Composition and structure of a stretch of tropical forest in the Eastern Amazon

Lima, R.C.; Sardinha, M.A.; Souza, J. dos S.; Sousa, R.; Santos, V.F. dos; Aparício, P. da S.; Couteron, P.; Sotta, E.D.; Silva, B.M. da S. e

Ciência Rural 51(4): e20200312


ISSN/ISBN: 1678-4596
Accession: 070524531

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ABSTRACT: The aim of this study was to determine the diversity. composition. forest structure of a stretch of dense ombrophilous forest in the state of Amapá. The area is located in the east of the state of Amapá. in the Eastern Amazon. at the following coordinates: 2º 0'0.00 '' N. 14º 0'0.00''O. The sampling process used was systematic. where nine plots of 1 ha (100 m x 100 m) were allocated. 0.5 km apart. within a 13 km long and 0.03 km wide transect. The horizontal structure of the forest was evaluated using phytosociological parameters. One thousand seven hundred and ninety trees were sampled in this study. they were distributed in 131 species. 69 genera and 48 families. The species that presented more individuals were Pouteria guianensis Aubl. (136). Eschweilera coriacea (DC.) S.A.Mori (78). Inga paraensis Ducke (45). Licania paraensis Prance (38). The area is highly diverse and dissimilar with great variability and complexity in vegetable formation.

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