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Farmers' perception of agricultural extension service delivery in Germiston Region, Gauteng Province, South Africa

Maoba, S.

South African Journal of Agricultural Extension 44(2): 167-173


ISSN/ISBN: 2413-3221
Accession: 070528848

This study was conducted to determine farmers' perception of extension service delivery in Germiston Region, Gauteng Province, South Africa. Both purposive and simple random sampling techniques were used for the sample selection and questionnaire was used to elicit information from 78 respondents. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics such as mean, frequency counts, percentages and standard deviation. Results showed that farmers perceived training (M=3.6, SD=±0.5) and demonstrations (M=3.6, SD=±0.48) to be highly effective in the study area. Results also indicated that 42.31 % of farmers were visited once a month by agricultural advisors. The study further revealed that extension activities had low impact on improving farm production yield and profitability (M=1.9, SD=±0.67) and enabling farmers to identify their own needs, problems and solve them (M=1.9, SD=±0.69). In conclusion it was found that extension is efficient, effective and visible in the study area. The study recommended a review on extension methods perceived to be non-effective or slightly effective and collaboration between stakeholders for a strong extension services. It will be imperative to ensure that methods regarded to be effective are mainly used to deliver extension messages.

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