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Effect of buffalo follicular fluid alone and in combination with PMSG and M199 on in vitro buffalo oocyte maturation

Gupta, P.S.P.; Nandi, S.; Ravindranatha, B.M.; Sarma, P.V.

Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 14(5): 693-696


ISSN/ISBN: 1011-2367
Accession: 070546113

The effect of replacement of in vitro maturation medium completely with the buffalo follicular fluid (buFF) on in vitro oocyte maturation of buffalo oocytes was studied. 5 to 8 buffalo cumulus oocyte complexes were cultured in a single drop with each of the eight media studied i.e., M199+steer serum (10% v/v), M199+steer serum (10% v/v)+PMSG, M199+buFF (10% v/v), M199+buFF (10% v/v)+PMSG, M199+buFF (50% v/v), M199+buFF (50% v/v)+PMSG, buFF (100%) and buFF+PMSG at 39 degreesC and 5% CO2 in air for 24 h. Supplementation of M199 with Steer serum alone resulted in IVM rate of 35% only. When the above medium was supplemented with PMSG, the maturation rate rallied to 82%. Significant increase in the maturation rates were observed when M199 was supplemented with increasing levels of buFF. A further increase in the maturation rate was also obtained when PMSG was incorporated into the medium of M199 supplemented with buFF. The rate of maturation was to the tune of 91% when oocytes were matured in buFF alone which was increased non significantly on the addition of PMSG. Highest maturation rate (97%) obtained with M199+buFF (50%v/v)+PMSG did not differ significantly from that obtained by either M199+buFF (10%v/v)+PMSG or buFF +PMSG. It is suggested that buFF alone without any supplementation can form the effective in vitro maturation medium for buffalo oocytes.

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