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Effect of adding actinomycetes seed on high-rate composting and odor suppression during garbage composting

Eya, H.

Seibutsu-Kogaku Kaishi 79(6): 163-170


ISSN/ISBN: 0919-3758
Accession: 070547729

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Experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of actinomycetes seed addition on high-rate composting and the suppression of odor from shredded garbage. Four kinds of samples, a simple garbage sample (Run A), a dried sample with pH adjustment (Run B), a sample with addition of sawdust and pH adjustment (Run C), and a sample with actinomycetes seeding (Run D), were used. Each run was carried out for around 13 days on garbage sediment 450 mm in height under natural aeration and with periodical turning over using a shovel. In Run D, high-temperature fermentation was reached in just 2 days, which was faster than under the other three conditions examined. The amount of acetic acid in Run D was the lowest among all the runs, and the maximum concentrations of other lower fatty acids and ammonia gas appeared earlier than under the other conditions. The results suggest the effectiveness of actinomycetes themselves, or of the prepared seeding material, on high-rate composting and the suppression of odor formation.

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