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Abundant DNA markers detected by PCR using simple sequence repeat primers without anchor sequences in soybean

Yang, D.J.; Naito, Y.; Ishikawa, M.; Kojima, T.; Tazuke, A.; Niwa, M.

Breeding Science 51(3): 207-210


ISSN/ISBN: 1344-7610
Accession: 070549060

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Polymorphisms among soyabean (Glycine max) cultivars (Heihe 5, Akisengoku and No. 29) using non-anchored SSR primers consisting of 16-mer oligonucleotides with 4 base-repeats were studied. Sixty-three of the 99 primers tested (36 and 27% for 50 and 75% GC contents, respectively) generated 283 polymorphic fragments between 2 pairs of cultivars. Of the 32 series tested, primers belonging to 22 series generated polymorphic bands. Twenty-one of the 22 series involved 4 primers differing at the base at the 5' end. Although primers belonging to the same core harboured the same core sequences, they generated banding patterns different from each other. Of the 70 clearly segregated polymorphic fragments, 46 markers were located on 36 different positions covering 163.6 cM. Except for one pair (SP4-2 and SP4-3a), those markers detected by the different primers, but belonged to the same series, were located at different positions.

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