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Successful pregnancy following partial hysterectomy in a mare

Asjanowa, I.; Klug, E.

Tierarztliche Praxis Ausgabe Grosstiere Nutztiere 30(5): 340-343


ISSN/ISBN: 1434-1220
Accession: 070554751

In the research about the influence of homologous seminal plasma on the ovarian follicle and the time of ovulation the partial hysterectomy described for the porcine species in the experimental "Model Mariensee" (13) with surgical modification (2, 3) was performed on two standardbred mares. By this procedure the canulary communication from the uterus to the ipsilateral ovary was interrupted and by this means the possibility created to differentiate the mutual effect of intrauterine applicated seminal components on ipsi- or contralateral ovary function allowing to distinguish a local from a general circulation transmission of the information from the uterus to the ovary. Due to the design of the research one of the prepared mares had to be inseminated in the last of a total of eight sexual cycles by intrauterine application of native semen (5 x 10(8) progressively motile spermatozoa = 15.0 ml native semen). The mare became pregnant and delivered a well developed and healthy vital foal after 340 days of a clinical unconspicuous pregnancy.

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