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Spectrophotometric determination of iron (II) in the soil of selected allotment gardens in Lodz

Jankiewicz, B.; Ptaszynski, B.; Turek, A.

Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 11(6): 745-749


ISSN/ISBN: 1230-1485
Accession: 070554887

The present work is a continuation of our research on the content of heavy metals in the soil of allotment gardens located in the area of Lodz. It presents results of the determination of bioavailable and total iron in the soil collected in two allotment gardens in the city. Iron was determined spectrophotometrically in the form of red-pink complex of Fe(II) and 2,2'-dipyridine. The method of determination recommended by the Polish Standards has been modified by using bydroxylamine instead of glycin to reduce Fe(III) to Fe(II).

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