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Fasciola hepatica: New buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) parasitosis in the province of Corrientes, Argentina

Racioppi, O.; Moriena, R.A.; Alvarez, J.D.; Crudeli, G.A.

Italian Journal of Animal Science 6: 948-950


ISSN/ISBN: 1594-4077
Accession: 070567925

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The goal of this paper is to study the recent appearance of Fasciola hepatica parasitizing different buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) populations in the province of Corrientes. These animals share pastures with Bos taurus, Bos indicus and their crossbreds. Samples show a 28.5% positivity and a tendency to expand to other cattle. Until the year 2000, buffaloes were considered free of this disease. The paper also describes the importance of distomatosis and the potential economical losses due to a reduced productivity

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