Section 71
Chapter 70,575

Preparation of serocolostrum by membrane microfiltration

Piot, M.; Fauquant, J.; Madec, M.N.; Maubois, J.L.

Lait 84(4): 333-341


ISSN/ISBN: 0023-7302
Accession: 070574264

Treatment of bovine, equine and caprine colostrum by membrane microfiltration with a pore size of 0.1 mum was studied in order to obtain a specific separation of whey colostrum components. These components are most interesting for imparting passive immunity and positive physiological action to newborn mammals. From the carrying out of 80 kg batches of colostrum, the microfiltration equipment used allowed the recovery of at least 80% of the IgG and other minor whey proteins in the microfiltrate. This liquid, named serocolostrum, is crystal clear, free of blood and somatic cells as well as fat globules and casein micelles, and it has a high hygienic and bacteriological quality (less than 10 CFU.mL(-1)). Specific concentration of the serocolostrum IgG proteins by high molecular weight cut-off (MWCO: 100 kg.mol(-1)) membrane ultrafiltration was also studied in order to obtain purified IgG products suitable for preliminary animal trials. Purity (IgG/TS) as high as 90% was obtained. The use of a lower MWCO OF membrane (8 kg.mol(-1)) allowed concentrations of growth factors (TGF-beta and IGF-1) but the observed separation did not agree with the data of the literature, i.e. a binding of IGF-l with a 45 kg.mol(-1) protein.

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