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Analysis of microsatellite markers on bovine chromosomes 1 and 14 for potential allelic association with carcass traits in Hanwoo (Korean cattle)

Choi, I. S.; Kong, H. S.; Oh, J. D.; Yoon, D. H.; Cho, B. W.; Choi, Y. H.; Kim, K. S.; Choi, K. D.; Lee, H. K.; Jeon, G. J.

Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 19(7): 927-930


ISSN/ISBN: 1011-2367
Accession: 070585767

This study was conducted to investigate potential effects of previously identified QTL regions on carcass traits in Hanwoo. The data analyzed in this study was collected from 326 steers of 67 proven sire. Thirteen micorsatellite markers spanning QTL regions on bovine chromosomes 1 and 14 were genotyped in 326 steerst. The following breeding values were analyzed for QTL effects. Cold carcass weight breeding value (CCWBV), longissimus muscle-area breeding value (LMABV), marbling score breeding value (MSBV) and backfat thickness breeding value (BFTBV). Chi-square tests were performed to compare frequencies of individual allele between high and low breeding value groups. Significant differences of allele frequencies in BMS711, MCM130, BMS4049, and BMS2263 were found. And also, in RM180, BL1029, BM4305, and BMS2055 there were significant differencies of allele frequencies. These results showed a potential application for investigation of putative QTL locations.

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